Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

May 20th, 2021

Cyber security is a chief focus of Domain Technology, especially where national security is concerned.  The CMMC is the Department of Defense’s (DoD) verification mechanism to protect Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) that resides on Defense Industrial Base (DIB) systems and networks. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) began in September to phase in CMMC for DoD-identified contractors. Eventually, CMMC will be required for all organizations doing business with the DoD at any level. 

Automated Payments Simplified and Secure

April 30th, 2021

Domain implements SAP out-of-the-box functionality to generate ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments to banks, providing a secure, efficient method of receiving payment. Pay your firm’s accounts payable electronically by sending ACH payments through the banking system.

The Importance of Your Implementation Team

March 30th, 2021

Selecting an ERP system is a massively important decision for any organization. But did you know that the selection of the specific ERP package may be the second most important part of this decision and that the team you choose to implement that system could be the more critical part of your decision?

Capturing Critical Data for a Cold Chain Solution

February 1st, 2021

Does your organization have the right tools to effectively manage the security of your network? Domain Technology can provide your organization with those tools.  Domain employs Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR) software to manage your security program around-the-clock.

Keeping Food Safe in Transit with Condition Monitoring

February 1st, 2021

Food shipments present one of the greatest challenges where safety is concerned. Not only do shipping companies need to comply with regulations, but they also want to maintain their reputations and reduce the cost incurred when a shipment is spoiled. Domain Technology’s SenseIT IoT (Internet of Things) can help with these vital and complex issues.


December 3rd, 2020

What is your plan in the event of a ransomware attack?  Do you pay the ransom?  Or do you prevent it? What many individuals and businesses don’t realize is that paying the ransom can be and usually is just the beginning of your troubles if you are attacked.
“SenseIT allowed us to test shipments of our valuable chemicals for temperature excursions while they traveled through one of the hottest areas of the world, the Mojave desert. With SenseIT, we were able to confirm that our packaging was sufficient to protect our heat-sensitive product under the most extreme conditions. SenseIT took the guesswork out of it.”
Hudson Scientific LLC
David Estes-Engineer
"By deploying the SAP Business One application, the organization realized new efficiencies, improved data accuracy, and increased system availability. From a cost-benefit perspective, SAP Business One was clearly an excellent decision.”
The University of Pennsylvania’s Cooperative Human Tissue Network
"When it came to replacing our ERP system, Domain was our first choice. Domain is currently implementing SAP Business One to support both of our existing companies."
Kore Mart Limited
“SenseIT provides visibility into shipments of StyleCraft’s fine cabinetry which we never had before. We now know how the product is treated during loading, transit, potential warehousing prior to delivery to the homeowner, and installation."
StyleCraft Corporation
"As a custom manufacturer, we have a complex pricing structure. Domain designed and implemented a pricing system that met all of our requirements, and continually makes improvements to the system."
StyleCraft Corporation
"While working on our EDI implementation, Domain went above and beyond the traditional EDI documents to implementing remittance advices, allowing our customers to make payments directly to our bank."
The Berks Packing Company, Inc.
"We rely on Domain to configure our HANA servers and SAP applications for our development and demonstration system. Domain implements it all-- the operating system level, whether Windows or Linux; the database level be it HANA or SQL; and then the application level, SAP Business One or SAP ECC. Domain is reliable and knowledgeable in these complex implementations.  If there is an issue and they do not have immediate answers, they find the solution by tapping their resource networks, which include SAP and Microsoft.  They understand the urgency and criticality of systems and have never let us down. I recommend Domain for the hard stuff!"
Frank Khalid
Manager / Software Engineer, Century Business Solutions
“SenseIT was key in our success of obtaining data and metrics to verify cold chain requirements for our pharmaceutical shipment in the transit with our carriers. SenseIT flexibility with design and customization of reports, data gathering and sensor options was exceptional. Their service and responsiveness was  fantastic!”
Carl “CJ” Joyner
"The Domain organization was proficient both in evaluating our controls within the NIST framework and executing the assessment in a professional and thorough manner. Given our experience with Domain and their extensive knowledge of the NIST framework, we can vouch that the firm is well qualified to perform a cybersecurity audit for any organization."
Wendy Singer
Director of Communications & ISCP Director, ComputerWorks Inc.
"[I] can’t say enough about the job Larry did and how valuable he proved in a very difficult situation [involving a cyber security breach]. After all was said and done, I said to myself the best thing that came of our E&Y Event was employing your firm's services so as to have available a resource like Larry to help us through a very difficult situation. Please pass on to the powers to be at the Domain Group again the great job Larry did in going above and beyond in dropping everything on a moment’s notice."
Steve Sommers
CEO & President, Vigon