PaceJet. Business One and Simplicity

SAP Business One integrated with PaceJet provides a freight management system that is simple to implement and simple to use and cost effective. The integration is an add-on created by Domain Technology Group.  Users complete the SAP Quotation, Sales Order or Delivery Document and then select “Freight Shop” or “Get Freight”.  The integration calls PaceJet which “shops” the freight with the freight carriers under contract with the customer.  Users select the optimal carrier solution for this shipment, and the interface automatically populates the freight cost in the SAP marketing document.

Being cloud based, PaceJet does not require an on-premise server, saving consumers of PaceJet thousands of dollars because they do not have to buy and maintain hardware and they are always on the most recent version of PaceJet.  Cloud is good!    

PaceJet creates all the required shipping documents such as labels and bills of lading and the interface imports them and creates SAP attachments allowing for historical reviewing, emailing and reprinting. 

Users can mix “ship from” and “ship to” locations on a marketing document.  The SAP Business One interface will summarize the shipments and generate and obtain a PaceJet quote for each each Ship FromShip To combination.  The integration is both powerful and flexible.

The SAP Business One PaceJet integration supports drop shipping.  Users of Business One can arrange shipments from their supplier and email the PaceJet generated shipping documents to them resulting in efficient blind shipments.

Benefits of SAP Business One and PaceJet

  • Avoid an on-premise server, saving thousands of dollars in hardware, software and maintenance
  • Contract with favored freight carriers and automatically get shipping quotes from them
  • Download shipping documents automatically such as labels and bills of lading, maintain as attachments
  • Drop Ship Blind Ship efficiently.
  • Analyze shipping data using the power of SAP HANA and Advanced Analytics to measure effectiveness of carriers.
  • Scale -> start small and grow with no need to upgrade
  • Streamline business processes making your team more efficient
  • Implement efficiencies to provide a competitive edge
  • Implement with SenseIT IoT to track your shipments in real time knowing location, temperature humidity and impact.
  • Optimize your shipping costs
  • Benefit from a rapid return on your investment

View The Video of SAP Business One and PaceJet:

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