SenseIT IoT monitors the where, when, and how of valuable shipments in real time. When thresholds that are tailored to the user’s requirements for optimal temperature, humidity, and impact are exceeded, the system immediately notifies via email.

Asset Monitoring & Tracking

SenseIT IoT is a collection of cellular sensors and analytical reports that allow businesses such as yours to track shipments and product handling conditions in real-time. With SenseIT, you will see exactly where the truck, plane, train, or ship is that is transporting your product, as well as the condition of the product.

SenseIT IoT Features & Benefits

There are many benefits to SenseIT IoT. We provide visibility into your shipments that you have never had before!

SenseIT IoT Pricing

SenseIT IoT requires the following components to implement the software and to track shipments: 1. Implementation, 2. Purchase of sensors, 3. Subscription monthly charge.
“SenseIT was key in our success of obtaining data and metrics to verify cold chain requirements for our pharmaceutical shipment in the transit with our carriers. SenseIT flexibility with design and customization of reports, data gathering and sensor options was exceptional. Their service and responsiveness was  fantastic!”
Carl “CJ” Joyner