Network topology

  • Automated Network Mapping: See a complete map of physical and logical topologies in minutes
  • Automated Inventory
    • Have a profile for every device on a network at your fingertips
    • Export the data to a spreadsheet or sync it to ConnectWise Manage or Autotask
  • Network Documentation: Instantly know how everything on a network is connected and configured
  • IP Address Management: Get an automatic list of all the IP addresses you are currently using and which devices are using them
  • Map Search & Filter: Quickly find and visually isolate any part of a managed network
  • Map Export: Print any map view to PDF or SVG for easy sharing or storage

Proactive network monitoring

  • Alerts & Notifications
    • Stay on top of important events on your client networks with preconfigured alerting that works out of the box
    • Customizable as desired
  • Service Monitoring: Inventory and monitor the services running on nearly any device
  • Context-Aware Data: Get relevant and actionable information tailored to each device type
  • Rich Statistics: Understand and improve the stability of your client networks with usage and health stats
  • Live & Historic Data: View network performance as it happens with 60-second polling, or dive into detailed logs

Remote management

  • In-App Terminal: Securely access any Telnet or SSH-enabled device on a network – from anywhere
  • Remote Browser: Log into any device’s web interface directly from your Auvik dashboard

User & credential management

  • Password Management: Never again forget device credentials or leave them vulnerable
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Add an extra layer of security to your Auvik account
  • Role-Based User Access: Set granular permission levels for each of your MSP and client dashboards


  • Network Evidence: Instantly know where a device has been seen across a network
  • Debug Data: All the technical debugging data you need, all pooled in one easy-to-access location
  • Configuration Management
    • Know exactly how devices are configured and when they change
    • Never miss a backup
  • Configuration Restore: Instantly bring back any configuration from your version history
  • Configuration Analysis: Get suggestions, so you can improve the performance and stability of your client networks