To track changes to your network, we implement tools that determine the intended modifications from the malicious intruder. With our software, we can monitor your network and perform forensic analyses to determine if somebody modified, deleted, or stolen information.

During the second phase, we recover information where possible and provide advice when necessary to help your organization get back on its feet.

We create a cyber-intrusion response plan to protect your organization from negative implications before an incident occurs.

The plan includes:

  • Discovering where the intrusion occurred (this requires implanting a change tracking software in advance of any attack)
  • Determining the information the hacker stole or tampered
  • Determining how to close the system vulnerability
  • Deciding how to clean all remnants of the hack from the system
  • Immediately notifying everyone whose information was stolen or suspected of being stolen
  • Arranging for credit monitoring, management, and restoring assistance to the accounts stolen
  • Implementing a public relations campaign to protect and restore brand image
  • Using and executing cyber insurance

Cyber security planning no longer entails just protecting the system from hacking but also putting a strong response plan in place to help the organization recover successfully from a potential cyber-attack.