SenseIT IoT requires the following components to implement the software and to track shipments:

1. Implementation

SenseIT works tightly integrated with SAP Business One and its own portal.

The implementation is dependent upon the complexity of your firm’s use of ERP. Domain will work with you to provide an estimate of the implementation.

If you are a current user of SAP Business One, the implementation cost will be minimal. If you use another ERP, we will work with you and your current ERP provider to integrate SenseIT.

Or you can use SenseIT IoT’s own portal. SenseIT’s portal allows you to establish an inbound or outbound shipment, attach a logic sensor to the shipment at the package level, including the tracking number, and provision the physical sensor to the cloud. You can track your shipments locations and sensor observations in real time, using our geospatial map. If a threshold is exceeded, you will be alerted via email.

2. Purchase of Sensors

We implement sensors from various sensor manufacturers. The devices typically cost between $40-$250. Some sensors are cellular based only; other sensors support cellular and satellite communications. Some sensors are one-time use and disposable, and others are reusable. We will guide you to the appropriate device.

Price discounts are available for volume purchases.

3. Subscription Monthly Charge

SenseIT IOT is provided on a subscription basis. The subscription is dependent upon the volume of your shipments.

To learn more and to receive an estimate, call Domain Technology Group at (610) 374-7644, Ext 7005.