The Importance of Your Implementation Team

March 30th, 2021

Selecting an ERP system is a massively important decision for any organization. But did you know that the selection of the specific ERP package may be the second most important part of this decision and that the team you choose to implement that system could be the more critical part of your decision? Yes, the package is important, but many of the top ERPs provide almost identical functionality.

Firms that really get the biggest bang for their ERP buck are firms that plan and utilize ERP for a strong competitive edge by optimizing the benefits of a carefully planned and fully implemented system.

What the Domain team does to ensure your company realizes these benefits:

• We implement SAP ERP
• Domain, as a partner of SAP, has access to a library which includes 40 years’ experience in best practices.
• Domain works closely with clients to implement these best practices.

The ERP universe is constantly changing for the better to embrace “New Best Practices” coupled with machine learning and the intelligent enterprise to take business computing to new levels of automation and efficiency, all resulting in:

• Savings
• Advanced decision making
• Improved data quality
• Customer satisfaction.

Often when we call into a prospect, we see a firm that has outgrown its existing ERP or did not completely or successfully implement their current ERP. Most times, they have several disparate unattached subsystems and many spreadsheets. With disparate systems comes additional labor to copy and maintain data, along with a dangerous opportunity to make big mistakes in reporting. It happens all the time. In cases like this, Domain’s mission involves:

• Implementing a single system on a single powerful database (SAP HANA)
• Providing the system with “one source of truth” and one powerful tool to perform additional and ad hoc analytics.
• Resulting in a tool that  reduces labor to copy data from one system to another and increases the accuracy of data by reducing the opportunity for data errors.

When selecting an ERP provider, ask the following questions about the implementation team:
• Are they experienced and innovative, constantly seeking solutions to give your firm the edge? Can they define and develop a sophisticated solution\code that not only meets your firm’s immediate needs but also future proofs your operation to keep that edge?
• Do they have the experience and resources to make your enterprise an intelligent enterprise by maximizing and optimizing the use of advanced computer systems utilizing machines learning?
• Are they passionate about making your firm a top performer?

Domain is all the above. Please see our top team members.