SenseIT loT by Domain Utilizes the Artificial Intelligence of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

January 13th, 2023

SAP can now process large amounts of SenseIT loT data, SAP’s artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) engine. SAC automatically generates AI insights, many of which humans have not detected or recognized. SAP’s AI / ML can identify valuable actionable insights, leading to more efficient and cost-effective operations.

SenseIT IoT is a collection of cellular sensors, geospatial maps, alerting algorithms, and analytical reports that allow businesses such as yours to track shipments and product handling conditions in real time.  SenseIT loT detects and reports on GPS Location, Temperature, Humidity, Impact on three axes, tilt, and light.

Discover how SenseIT loT provides greater value to your company:

Consolidates      – sensor data with ERP shipment data detail

Aggregates         – and standardizes sensor data from multiple sensor providers

Leverages           – the power of SAP HANA

Alerts                   – users of a distressed shipment allowing reaction in real-time

Forecasts             – trends such as temperature, predicts change, alerts, and reacts

Records                – a complete history of events and replays the entire shipment

Detects                – relationships that humans could not otherwise identify, utilizing the new advancement of artificial intelligence (AI)

If you have a shipment that is distressed, SenseIT will send you an instantaneous alert, including details of the event (time, location, and exception), allowing you to take action to salvage the shipment. Furthermore, using trend-tracking technology, SenseIT can enable your business to avoid product threatening conditions, including temperature, humidity, tilt, and acceleration (impact).

SenseIt loT benefits the following industries and the sensitivities of their products:

  • Pharmaceutical  -temperature sensitive to preserve integrity of high value medications
  • Food                     – temperature sensitive to preserve freshness and overall quality
  • Tropical Plants   -temperature and humidity sensitive
  • Electronics-         -impact on three axes; X, Y, and Z based on G force to protect   functionality
  • Fine Woodwork -impact on three axis; X, Y, and Z, temperature, and humidity
  • Commodities      – time of arrival, locations of port departure, port and warehouse arrival


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