Automated Payments Simplified and Secure

April 30th, 2021

As many businesses begin to recover from the challenges of the pandemic, they realize ways of conducting business may be forever changed. Lean times call for lean, stream-lined approaches. Domain Technology Group can help your business continue to adapt to the changing landscape through our intelligent automation. Pay your firm’s accounts payable electronically by sending ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments through the banking system.

Domain implements SAP out-of-the-box functionality to generate ACH  payments to banks, providing a secure, efficient method of receiving payment.

ACH Enhancement Utility benefits businesses by saving significant time. Using the native payroll wizard to generate an ACH file and have it securely and automatically sent to the bank saves much time. The process is entirely electronic and therefore can be performed anywhere in the world.

First in the process, a payment file is created in the ACH format, using the native capability of SAP Business One 9.3 and above.

Domain’s ACH Enhancement Utility then does the following:

• Validates new ACH vendors bank routing account number
• Validates new ACH vendors for email to send SAP remittance advice report
• Renames the ACH file to the bank’s requirements and schedules delivery to the bank
• Automatically uploads the ACH files to the bank’s site in a secured file transport
• Sends a separate second email to the bank for enhanced security
• Emails the Remittance Advice report to your vendor to support their application of the payment
• Logs the file upload process and the outbound emails sent
• Keeps a copy of the payment remittance for history
• Copies the original ACH file to an archive directory

Each step of this sensitive process is logged to maintain a detailed transaction register of the events.

No more printing checks, stuffing envelopes and applying postage. Every step can be executed remotely. Domain’s ACH Enhancement Utility is efficient, fast, and secure.

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