Ransomware Attacks Continue to Rise

October 22nd, 2021


Ransomware attacks happen with greater frequency and closer to home. Does your company have the protection it needs to avoid the crippling and costly results of an attack?

Domain’s strong security practices will help your business avoid attacks. But first, here’s what you should know about how ransomware works to cripple your operating system:

• Attacks intellectual property or IP.
• Takes your valuable IP and makes it public.

This loss of private information can result in total failure for a business.

Like any virus, the attackers are just awaiting the opportune time to infect and disable your network. Ransomware attackers look for weaknesses such as:

• Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) without multifactor authentication (MFA)
• Misconfigured webservers
• Older platforms that are no longer receiving security updates.

Before you are even aware that your system has been attacked, the attackers have had access to your network months in advance.

As seen in recent news, ransomware continues to evolve today, becoming more complex and more threatening, more able to take advantage of changes in society and technology.

Even after the ransomware has been installed and ransom has been paid, the attackers will maintain their presence so that they can redeploy the encryption or exfiltration of data, causing further damage and costing even more.

One thing we know for sure is that ransomware is here to stay, and based on its recent activities, it will continue to evolve.

What is your plan in the event of a ransomware attack?

Do you pay the ransom?
Or do you prevent it?

Paying the ransom can be and usually is just the beginning of your troubles if you are attacked. The government and Domain typically advise entities not to pay. However, each business must weigh the pros and cons of that decision, since there are no guarantees that the actors will restore data.

When requested, Domain works with the clients to restore and clean up networks after a cyber-attack.

Here’s what you should know:

• This cleanup is a time intensive task.
• The level of success depends upon a client’s previously implemented defenses.
• Using current and trusted back up, Domain restores the system and searches and destroys remnants of malicious code, provided that all pieces of code can be     identified.

The good news is that businesses can become proactive through strong security practices.

Domain has the tools to help you use technology to detect malicious traffic and help prevent and easily remediate threats. We instill business practices in clients to prevent devastating threats such as this. Domain can help you to keep your operating system software current and patched.

To learn more about how Domain can help you to safeguard your firm’s valuable data with Client Data Protection (CDP), or to restore your data after an attack, please call 610-374-7644, Opt 2.