Sense IT IoT supports sensor fusion. Sensor fusion combines multiple sensor readings such as different gas levels during a shipment and runs these measurements through an algorithm to monitor for optimal combination levels.  SenseIT IoT condition monitors and sends warnings and alerts based upon these combined levels.

SenseIT IoT Supports Sensor FusionFor example, produce and vegetables are sensitive to combinations of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. Precise control of these gases relative to each other results in a controlled atmosphere (CA).  A CA prolongs the life of produce during shipment.

SenseIT IoT’s alert logic supports execution of custom HANA (SQL) queries to deliver more advanced product tracking.  Using the power of real time sensor readings from multiple sources coupled with the power of SAP’s HANA in memory database, SenseIT IoT condition monitors.

If the measurements indicate a product is being compromised, an alert is sent. With SenseIT IoT, shippers can track trends.  If a product is trending to dangerous levels, in certain cases, shippers can salvage a threatened product before it is spoiled.

SenseIT IoT provides the where, when, and how of product shipments with accuracy most shippers do not have today. SenseIT condition monitors shipments worldwide, wherever there is cell service. Sensor fusion differentiates SenseIT from other condition monitoring solutions by adding custom and advance condition monitoring capability.