SenseIT IoT has been improved to support configurable alert contacts. Users define zero, one, or many parties to be alerted before or after a temperature or humidity excursion, an impact, or a light-on alert, which is typically a security issue.  One alert contact is designated as the primary contact, typically the most responsible for the shipment, while the others are secondary contacts.

The contact set up includes selecting time zone, Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature measure, and the alert email format such as alert with complete alert history or red-light alert indicating an emergency.  Users can be alerted if a product is trending toward a maximum or minimum threshold, allowing a threatened shipment to be salvaged before being compromised.

Note, configuring alert contacts is simple.  The simplicity of SenseIt’s front end masks the complexity of the application’s backend. SenseIT IOT is designed to optimize the user experience (UX).

SenseIT IoT Configurable Alert Contacts