SAP SuccessFactors

Employee Central Overview

SuccessFactors is an SAP company that specializes in information systems designed specifically for the HR function.  SuccessFactors understands the management of human resources and exactly what is needed in terms of IT in order to support an HR department.

HR departments can no longer get by with primitive information systems that act as mere electronic filing cabinets.  Filing cabinets do not launch a company to success.  In today’s competitive, global atmosphere, companies now require impactful HR systems that provide automated processes and 360° views of employees and the company’s workforce as a whole.  Companies also require HR systems that are linked to all other business functions, in order to assist in the ultimate success of the organization.  SuccessFactors offers an HR system that does this and more without requiring super-users or huge investments required by most of today’s Core HR systems.  This system is entitled SuccessFactors Employee Central.  Details about Employee Central’s capabilities can be found below.

Talent Integration

Employee central leverages information concerning HR talent in order to drastically enhance workforce decisions.  With 360° view of HR information, including complete employee profiles enabled by Employee Central, companies are certain to make informed decisions that will work toward the overall success of the company.  This thorough use of information allows goals to be set in correspondence with the actual strengths of the company’s existing talent.


Employee Central is aptly named: Within the system, all Core HR information can be found in one central database.  Integrated with financial and operational data, Employee Central allows the HR department to measure the link between workforce characteristics and business results, and make HR decisions based on financial data.  Employee Central’s analytical capabilities are based on 30 years of expertise and include simple reporting tools, 2000+ built-in metrics, benchmarks for any company, and support for trending and drilled down analyses.

Collaboration Around Business Goals

Employee Central enables employees to leverage their talent, Core HR, and personal profile data in order to collaborate on business goals.  The system provides intuitive tools that enable your company to form cohesive groups, network, and share knowledge around common goals, interests, projects, work experience, locations, and much more.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

Enterprise-Grade Core HR Functionality

Employee Central is an enterprise-grade Core HR solution.  The software provides support for any combination of business units, geos, or cost centers to model and manage any workforce.  It enables HR to quickly implement a job structure without code, spreadsheets, or offline processes.  It also supports any pay structure, allowing companies to vary pay by geo, job class, grad, or legal entities.  Employee Central facilitates reporting and industry compliance by ensuring all user actions are saved and are easily accessible through pin-in-time reporting and easy audit trial reports.

Designed for Everyone

Like all of Success Factor’s offerings, Employee Central was designed for its 10 million users.  This means the cloud-based software is designed to be simple and stress-free to use, no matter what role the user plays in an organization.  Specific to core HR transactions, Employee Central reduces errors in self-service and boosts adoption through innovations such as built-in wizards, smart business rules, organizational charts, inline comments, audit history, and flexible workflows.

Seamless Integration

SuccessFactors handles the integration between Employee Central and SAP Business ByDesign, or between Employee Central and any other system including payroll, benefits, ERP, and time management solutions.  Employee Central’s cloud-based integration platform enables enterprise-class, fast, and cost-effective integration.  SuccessFactors’ partnership with leading payroll providers even further accelerates integration through the use of prebuilt connectors.

Runs in the Cloud

Employee Central is a pure SaaS-based solution with a much lower total cost of ownership than hardware- intensive, on-premise core HR solutions.  In the last five years, current customers of Employee Central have realized a TCO approximately three times lower than other solutions.  In addition to its low cost of ownership, Employee Central is also scalable and is able to grow with your company, rather than becoming outgrown by your company.  This means as your company grows, it will not have to make another Core HR solution investment and will not experience constant disruption as new systems are implemented.