SAP Cloud for Service

Revamp your customer service.

Take advantage of the speed and agility of the cloud.  SAP Service OnDemand will show you the true potential of your customer service team when equipped with the optimal solution.  Not only does this world-class, cloud-based software provide service managers with real-time insight through dynamic dashboards and analytics, Service OnDemand also empowers your entire service team through multiple service channels and contextual information that will allow them to turn a good decision into the best decision.

SAP Service OnDemand utilizes email, the web, live chats and mobile devises to facilitate a real-time flow of customer information and employee know-how throughout your entire customer service team.  With the software’s intuitive design and effortless integration with your existing knowledge base, your representatives can be more productive than ever before.

Cloud solution for service managmentMulti-Channel Service Ticketing

Multi-channel service ticketing leverages email, the web, live chat and phone to enable your customer service representatives to work as a cohesive team.  By capturing a complete history of your service team’s interactions with each client, your agents will have access to relevant information about each account in real-time.  In addition, SAP Service OnDemand utilizes routing and escalation rules to ensure that cases are always handled by the correct person within your team.

In-Context Social Collaboration

Chances are your service representatives are familiar with the look and feel of social media sites.  This is why SAP has designed its OnDemand software packages to act as a form of communication similar to the social media sites your service team is accustomed to.  SAP Service OnDemand comes equipped with an integrated feed that will enable your customer service agents to collaborate effortlessly in order to optimize your clients’ customer service experiences.  With the ability to share service expertise and contextual knowledge of each client, your service team can run better than ever before!

Social Customer Service

Service OnDemand was designed in the age of social media and, as a result, utilizes social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to assist your service processes.  Service OnDemand facilitates the integration of your service queue with Facebook and Twitter.  This integration makes it easy to prioritize messages and respond accordingly.  Information within these social media channels can be fed directly into your customer profiles, making your team even more knowledgeable.  This new angle on customer service will put you ahead of the competition when it comes to brand image and customer loyalty.

Knowledge Base Integration

Nothing empowers your service representatives like contextual information.  Enable your representatives to find optimal solutions for your customers by integrating SAP Service OnDemand with your very own knowledge base.   Using your knowledge base, as well as SAP’s knowledge base, Service OnDemand will prompt your representatives with automatic recommendations, allowing your team to work efficiently and effectively.

Service Analytics

SAP Service OnDemand will provide you with real-time insight into the performance of your service team through unprecedented analytics and dashboards.  The software includes pre-configured reports that will allow you to track your team’s response and handle times, as well as other key factors such as escalation trend.  The Microsoft Excel add-in facilitates even more detailed analyses of these metrics.

ERP Integration

SAP Service OnDemand integrates with your ERP system, enabling you to access real-time back office information with ease.  Acquire complete customer histories including past orders and transaction records in order to assist your team with current decision-making.  Synchronized master files ensure that customer, contact and product information is consistent and reliable across the board.

Self-Service Support Portal

How does a branded self-service support portal sound?  With a self-service portal, your customers can create and track their own service tickets.  Further, your customers are able to search your company’s knowledge base, giving them the chance to resolve their inquiries before a service ticket is required.  Giving your customers the ability to create tickets and access your knowledge base will significantly reduce the workload of your service team, allowing them to focus on more crucial matters.