SAP Service Management

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Customer Contracts

When it comes to service management, contracts are tremendously important.  This is why SAP has made customer contracts a key functionality within SAP Business ByDesign.  This functionality allows your company to process support and managed services contracts with ease.  ByDesign supports the end-to end service process from service request to service fulfillment, billing, and payment.  ByDesign ensures an integrated document flow, allowing your time to be spent on your customers—the way it should be.

ByDesign’s customer contract functionality pulls data from your contract with a client in order to, for example, calculate the amount to be charged for services based on your specific price agreement with that client.  From there, invoicing can either be done in full or on a payment schedule.

The customer contract functionality of ByDesign can bring several benefits to a company.  These benefits include an increase in revenue streams from relevant activities, better management of contracts, easier invoicing calculations, improvement of future contracts, frequent and knowledgeable contact with clients, and much more.

Service Desk and Entitlements

The service desk application in SAP Business ByDesign enables organizations to process and manage service requests that result from customer enquiries.  The application includes the ability to track customer issues; provide answers via a knowledge base of predetermined solutions, procedures, FAQs, and repair hints; and create follow-up process steps such as service orders or activities.

A service request can be created through various channels.  With e-mail integration, a request is automatically created and assigned to the serviced processor.  Information is verified and additional data, such as entitlements, are added.  A service request can be created in the SAP Collaboration Window.  This additional desktop integration tool allows contacts and customers to be identified from an incoming phone call.  The Window acts as a hub for collaboration between people and for external devices and services.

SAP Service Management - Business ByDesign

ByDesign includes a search engine specific for service desk agents and service engineers, allowing them to easily search for and retrieve articles from the knowledge base and to quickly and effectively solve customer problems.  As new and updated knowledge is gained, the knowledge base can be edited and added to with the utmost of ease.  At times when the knowledge base is insufficient and solutions are more complex, the issue can be forwarded to the next support level, and a service order can be created as a follow-up process.
In order to provide key insights into the performance of the service process and allow companies to identify areas for improvement, ByDesign creates reports that summarize data pertaining to service and support.  The service request compliance report shows the percentage of requests that are compliant to the defined service levels.  The report indicates the efficiency of the internal processes and allows companies to focus on areas for improvement.All service desk functions share the same document flow within SAP Business ByDesign, making the handling of typical request-to-resolve situations systematic and stress-free.  In ByDesign, service entitlements allow companies to provide better services to their customers.  Service entitlements within the system define warranties, service levels, service categories and their relevance to products and services.  Once they are entered in the system, service entitlements are automatically determined.  Registered products apply the predefined warranties to a specific product sold.  These features, as well as several others, allow ByDesign to ease the pain of handling service requests.

Field Service and Repair

SAP Business ByDesign also supports the processes for providing repair, maintenance, and on-site services to customers.  The software provides functions to plan service orders and handle service confirmations, as well as the related activities required to fulfill and confirm services.

Service orders within the system are requests from a customer to maintain or repair equipment.  Requests can include service and/or spare parts and may be invoiced or completed free of charge.  Invoices may include discounts or surcharges.  Service orders can also be used to plan services, spare parts and other expenses, or to schedule resources, and check spare parts inventory.

After the release of a service order, the order is classified and routed to the field service engineers responsible for delivering the services.  ByDesign provides the engineers with additional information such as customer identification and entitlements.  Taking into account priority, spare part availability, service levels, and route optimization, for example, the order can be scheduled within the system.

Spare parts are very common when it comes to service calls.  ByDesign’s service orders define the required parts and allow either for the technician to take the parts with him/her, or for the parts to be delivered directly to the customer via outbound delivery processing. In either case, an availability check takes places, and parts are reserved when the service order is released.  Pricing for materials, times, and other expenses are copied from the service order as reported by the technician, but can be updated in the service confirmation.  This confirmation is then used as the basis for invoicing, potential returns of unused spare parts, cost accounting, and service analytics.