SAP Supply Chain Management

SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) - Business ByDesign

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Achieve greater supply chain flexibility. SAP Business ByDesign helps you collaborate with customers and suppliers for real-time insight into their performance.

Manufacturing and delivering products in a globalized market environment is all about customer responsiveness, reliability and cost control as margins are under constant pressure.  Businesses are transforming their supply chains from linear and sequential processes into flexible and dynamic interactions in a supply network with seamless collaboration of internal and external business partners.  Where can you find a software package that provides the necessary support for this seamless collaboration?  The answer is SAP Business ByDesign’s Supply Chain Management function.

The SCM component of Business ByDesign bridges the gap between supply chain planning and supply chain execution through seamless integration of information and communication.  This integration is done via the single data platform that is the basis of all ByDesign components.  The SCM analysis tools add a level of real-time transparency to the SCM function, allowing immediate and on time action to be taken, further increasing efficiency and, therefore, profitability.

One of the many benefits of SCM within Business ByDesign is distributed process execution.  ByDesign provides a rich set of options to distribute the individual steps of end-to-end business processes among all involved business partners.  This ability of the SCM component allows those involved to see the big picture of their supply and demand allocation, as well as enhanced insight into the entire supply chain.

Unified warehouse management is another function of ByDesign’s SCM component.  By combining all relevant warehouse operations, ByDesign turns warehouse management into a virtually unified task in order to drastically improve flexibility and process efficiency.  Mobile device support and auto identification capabilities even further enhance this function of SCM.

A key advantage to ByDesign’s SCM component is its quality assurance functionality.  ByDesign’s quality assurance features provide end-to-end capabilities that can aid customers to engineer quality directly into the design of their products and processes, and then track this quality through procurement and productions, all the way to the warehouse.  Integrated into the end-to-end processes are any documents that may be required, such as quality assurance agreements, specifications, and graphical instructions or inspections results.  This integration of documents into supply chain processes fosters collaboration across a company’s departments, as well as with partners outside company boundaries.  This real-time transparency allows employees and business partners to contribute to enhancing quality and ensuring compliance with today’s ever-changing legal requirements and customer expectations.


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