SAP Project Management

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Many businesses are managing projects with software that has little to no integration capabilities.  A major benefit of choosing SAP ByDesign Project Management software is that it has the capability to integrate all of the processes and documents related to a project from planning all the way to execution.

The benefit to this end-to-end integration of the project life-cycle exists for projects of any type and scope.  The software uses aggregate reporting to bundle multiple projects to programs simultaneously.

The project management software is not only integrated, it is interactive as well.  The software enables the users to plan and monitor projects of different sizes through the creation of various graphical planning views.  Gantt charts, work breakdown structures, and network diagrams offer intuitive drag-and-drop editing capabilities to create and edit project phases, milestones, and tasks; to plan the project flow by adding dependencies; and to use forward and backward scheduling to ensure that project deadlines are met within given time constraints.

ByDesign Project Management is not only integrated within itself, it is also fully integrated into HR and supplier relationship management, allowing the project manager to search for team members with the best fitting skill sets, whether they are within or outside of the organization.  The software includes an integrated availability calendar for the project manager to use before requesting the services of an employee, or to order the services of an external service agent directly from the project.

SAP Project Management - Business ByDesign

Another key feature of the Project Management software is a dedicated work center that facilitates integrated information and self-services that enable the project team to fulfill all of its tasks.  No matter where a team member is, he or she can access this single integrated work center in order to collaborate with team members in real-time.  Via the work center, team members can view their assigned tasks and responsibilities, detailed project information, checklists, and a shared document center to further facilitate team collaboration.  The work center also allows team members to access the employee time sheet and to record travel expenses.

ByDesign Project Management is tightly integrated into customer relationship management and thus supports professional service organizations throughout the entire value chain.  This includes marketing and opportunity management, the creation of projects directly from sales orders, and project invoicing.  The financial closing processes are supported by automatic revenue recognition offering various accrual methods for fixed price or time and material projects.

The Project Management component of ByDesign also fully integrates project planning and execution with the ByDesign financial and managerial accounting, so that project managers and financial analysts easily achieve more transparency on both project progress and profitability. All costs and revenues are made directly available in project reporting via tight integration with time administration, reimbursement management, supplier invoicing, and customer invoicing.