Mobile Business SolutionsYour business is on the move more and more every day.  With SAP Business One, you can keep up with the mobile world by taking advantage of its fully integrated mobile application for the iPhone.  This mobile application is designed to help you and your sales teams stay connected and informed in real-time, at all times.  Via the SAP Business One mobile application for the iPhone, you can gain access to the most relevant business information so you can be more productive and effective on the go.

Connectivity is in high demand and almost required to keep up with competition today.  Mobile applications are needed in order to fulfill customer expectations.  You must know everything about the customer, no matter where you are in the company, even if you are physically away from your office.  Customers need to know what you have to offer, how much it costs, when they can receive it, as well as answers to many other questions.  This is why the Business One mobile app was designed to allow you to manage customer and partner data, check inventory, process pending approval requests, view reports, receive alerts, and much more.

Read the SAP Business One Solution Brief to learn more about SAP Business One.

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