SAP Busienss ByDesign for Manufacturing Businesses

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A Hot Topic Among the Manufacturing Industry

SAP Business ByDesign caters to the manufacturing industry through its comprehensive features and functions that allow an out-of-the-box, on demand, SaaS solution to be flexible and dynamic within specific industries.   This means the system can be up and running very quickly, but also leaves plenty of room for customization.  ByDesign’s manufacturing capability is widely used in the manufacturing industry for many reasons.  Firstly, this solution creates immense value by integrating end-to-end processes in order to create a smooth flow of information throughout the organization.  Further, ByDesign’s comprehensive nature provides support for various industry niches, as well as diverse business models. Regardless of a company’s business model, ByDesign provides flexible and sophisticated supply chain management and production capabilities, just to name two.  To complement its flexibility, ByDesign offers the power and reliability of a huge IT department, without actually having to employ a huge IT department, all because this solution is entirely cloud-based.  The cloud also allows users to access the system from across the globe and enables companies to support sales forces and satellite plants.

Just Right for SME Companies

A common misconception is that a solution as great as this is for large enterprises and must be out of the scope and budget of small to midsized companies.  On the contrary, SAP Business SAP and Domain Consulting Group understand that small does not necessarily mean simple, and that is why ByDesign is complex enough to drastically ease the pain felt by managers who juggle processes that are far too complex for their current isolated, and comprehensive information systems.  ByDesign eases this pain and allows SME companies to thrive by allowing them to follow industry best practices just like their large competitors.  ByDesign was created specifically for small to midsized companies, and is priced accordingly.  In fact, most manufacturing companies running SAP Business ByDesign have between 100 and 1,000 employees.

Your Company is More Than Manufacturing

SAP understands that manufacturing is not the only component of a manufacturing company.  In contrast, these companies also have to manage distribution channels, marketing, and research and development.  These tasks and many others work together to create a manufacturing enterprise.  This is why ByDesign integrates every component of a manufacturer in order to orchestrate the whole company from a single data platform.

Your Supply Chain, The Way You Want It

As a manufacturing company, a large part of your business is how and from what companies you purchase your raw materials.  This being such an important part of the business, you should be able to manage your supply chain just the way you want it.  With ByDesign, your manufacturing company can do just that, even when portions of the function are outsourced.  By integrating supply chain management with the supplier relationship management and financial processes, ByDesign supports tight supply chain management and cost control, as well as enables a company to differentiate itself via its supply chain.  This tight management allows your company to configure and reconfigure its supply chain as needed in order to adapt to any changes that may occur internally or externally.


One specific change that is characterized by growing businesses is the size of the operation.  As a company grows, it must have a scalable IT solution in order to expand operations accordingly.  SAP Business ByDesign doesn’t just grow with your business; it helps your business grow.  As the SAP reseller, Domain Consulting Group will be there every step of the way to help your business adapt its ByDesign solution to the new and expanding size of the company.