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Businesses must contend with demanding business processes and regulatory requirements, while maintaining high quality and cost-efficient human resource services.  ByDesign supports the core HR function while leveraging the integration into value adding processes such as employee utilization or project activity tracking.

ByDesign HR allows for a separation of concerns.  HR is made up of many segments that are best handled separately in order to avoid confusion and frustration.  These segments include Time and Labor Management, Personnel Administration, Compensation and Payroll.  ByDesign integrates these segments in a manner that is message-based, permitting a flexible deployment.  This allows complex processes such as hiring to be separated in phases such as administrative data, time management data and compensation data that are handled by different areas.

Common complexities when it comes to HR software are user and authorization management.  Unified concepts in data handling and customizing reduce the implementation time and decrease maintenance efforts.  With ByDesign, user and authorization management are well integrated into Human Resources and Organizational Management functions.  Within ByDesign, the organizational group to which an employee is assigned determines the data he or she is allowed to access.

A notable feature of ByDesign’s HR functionality is its embedded support for payroll outsourcing.  Payroll is offered in a BPO-model with a predefined interface, a certification process for outsourcing providers and a communication control center, helping companies to overcome the necessity to hold payroll knowledge and to handle regular changes.

Human Resources Management (HRM) - SAP Business ByDesign

When it comes to employee data, ByDesign eliminates confusion by separating data collected about an employee into subgroups such as data related to employee, data related to employment, and data related to the work agreement.  This allows departments outside or HR such as CRM and SCM to view employee information without looking at information that is relevant only to the HR department.

Further, unified workforce data is embedded in business processes such as project management, financial planning, and manufacturing.  Employee time data can be allocated to service orders, production orders and maintenance orders.  ByDesign makes the tasks of payroll and financial accounting hassle free by integrating HR with financials and outsourced payroll providers.  ByDesign provides an appropriate level of flexibility through the use of message based integration.