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Hybris and ByDesign, a Dynamic eCommerce Solution

Hybris, a third party organization, provides an eCommerce functionality that is pre-integrated into SAP Business ByDesign.  The Hybris eCommerce solution offers B2B and B2C eCommerce functionality, scalability, and flexibility.  This solution enables ByDesign clients to expand their customer base, manage a more efficient sales process, and provide better service and support.  Hybris complements ByDesign perfectly in order to streamline your eCommerce operations, lower admin costs, and obtain greater margins.  All of which drive your company’s growth.

The dynamic duo of Hybris and ByDesign is able to conquer the most challenging demands.  The solution offers real-time sales order generation, dynamic pricing, personalization, credit card payment, and self-service support.  All in real-time, Hybris Commerce interacts with ByDesign in order to exchange sales order, account, lead, and service request data.  As with the other components of ByDesign, the eCommerce solution offers an array of built-in best practices that will further assist your online sales to flourish.  With no need for hardware, the cloud-based solution provides users with the most recent software updates to ensure that your company is running on the best technology to date.  In addition, Hybris Commerce, in tandem with ByDesign, provides plenty of processing power to handle even the highest peak of your sales cycle.  That means this system won’t quit, especially during the most crucial times.

Key Features

The combination of Hybris with SAP Business ByDesign has many important benefits.  With Hybris, users can create, update, and synchronize accounts and contacts.  Your company can also manage its online catalog by exporting your product catalog directly from ByDesign to Hybris.  In the other direction, sales orders are created via Hybris and immediately sent to ByDesign.

Needless to say, Hybris is closely synchronized with ByDesign, allowing Hybris’ shopping cart feature to pull data from ByDesign concerning products, customers, countries, currencies, shipping, and any other relevant data managed in ByDesign.  Hybris can also pull data concerning customer or product discounts, shipping costs, and inventory availability and apply them to transactions.  If inventory is required, Hybris informs ByDesign that an order is needed, and ByDesign communicates to Hybris concerning the expected delivery date.