SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

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Along with globalization, changing customer needs and new forms of communication come greater competition and a greater need to gain and maintain customers than ever before.  ByDesign’s CRM component was created to help you not only cope with this issue, but hurdle it almost effortlessly.

SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - Business ByDesign

ByDesign’s CRM component eliminates the disconnect that comes with having separate front-office and back-office operations and creates one fluid process from the beginning of the customer lifecycle to the very end.  This means marketing, sales, delivery, invoicing and all other CRM functions are now on one consistent platform.  This means that all data can be found across the organization in real-time.

Via this end-to-end visibility, ByDesign’s CRM component is designed to optimize your company’s bottom line by making decision-making faster and more effective than ever before.  Whereas the system, itself, does not require much customization, it does allow your company to produce customized reports and work-flows with the upmost of ease.  ByDesign allows you to choose which KPIs are most important to your decision making.  Further, users can drill-down deeper into information if more detail is required.  These customizable functions make decision making across the company a far less stressful and time-consuming event, and may even save you from making an uninformed and costly mistake.

Whereas some companies’ systems require departments to use inefficient communication technology such as email to acquire customer information, which can take hours or even days accomplish, ByDesign enables all departments to access real-time, 360° customer insight, allowing users to be attentive to the company’s clients, causing the entire organization to be customer centric.  This 360° provides users with activities and documents related to a customer account with just one click of a mouse.


Call (610) 374-7644 now for a free consultation and product demo!