ERP Consultants in Harrisburg

The experienced ERP consultants at Domain Technology Group look forward to helping you find the optimal solution for your Harrisburg, PA business and industry.

Domain Technology Group, an SAP partner, is an information systems consulting company based in the Philadelphia area. We deliver exceptional services to small and mid-sized businesses looking to leverage ERP technology to significantly improve efficiency and productivity and take growth to the next level.

Benefits of SAP Business One

ERP Consultants in HarrisburgSAP Business One is ERP software for small to midsized enterprises. The application provides an affordable, comprehensive solution for managing your entire business – from sales and supply chain management, to financials and operations. The benefits include:

  • Affordable for small and mid-sized businesses
  • Dovetails perfectly with your own business processes
  • Drives costs down by enabling your business to rely on just one piece of software
  • Eliminates redundant and manual data entry
  • Features real-time integration between financial, distribution and manufacturing solutions to keep financial data current
  • Includes out-of-the- box automated alerts, analytics and mobility solutions
  • Provides greater insight and visibility into supply chain operations
  • Provides employees with the tools to make informed decisions
  • Highly customizable with over 550 different add-ons, each adding functionality and power
  • Helps businesses maintain a competitive edge in their industry
  • Flexible and easy to implement
  • Grows with your business in response to future needs

SAP Business One for Your Industry

SAP Business One is an exceptional solution for businesses that want to reduce costs, improve flexibility, and eliminate operational complexity through an on-premise or cloud solution.

With a variety of industry-specific modules, SAP Business One offers a single, affordable way to streamline processes, act on timely information, and accelerate profitable growth.

Domain Technology Group has extensive experience across a wide number of those industries, including (but not limited to):

  • Service: SAP Business One’s Service Management functionality provides your team with real-time access to customer data so they can quickly and effectively resolve issues. Analyze call volumes, durations and response times. Reallocate resources, and set call volume and duration limits to trigger alerts. Administer all key aspects of the customer warranty and service contract life cycle.
  • Distribution: SAP Business One for the Distribution Industry  supports complex landed costs, multiple currencies and multiple languages in order to simplify international trade. Utilizing third party software for warehouse management, SAP Business One is able to value, control and track inventory by warehouse, aisle and bin. It allows businesses to implement and maintain discipline in their distribution and warehouse management processes.
  • Manufacturing: SAP Business One for Manufacturing features incomparable scheduling, capacity planning, routes and operational functionality. It provides a complete view of information and offers many automated processes to support materials management, warehousing, production and commerce. Business One also allows mobile devices to be used for delivering and capturing information during the production process.
  • eCommerce: SAP Business One’s ecommerce functionality lets you synchronize all online orders and inventory automatically. Pre-integrating third-party zedIT can extend the advantages of your system by helping you design, build and configure online stores using customizable templates and tools that manage online catalogs and integrate negotiated, customer-specific price lists.

An ERP system can be one of the most transformative investments your business in Harrisburg can make. Our experienced consultants will work within your budget to help you achieve the best results. Call Domain Technology Group today at (610) 374-7644 for a free consultation and demo.