Use of IoT & Sensors in Conditioned Based Asset Management

A long time ago, shipping cargo was a business with wildly differentiating results based on uncontrollable factors. As transportation channels evolved and the technology used to transport goods and materials developed, the dependability of cargo reaching its destination improved tremendously. However, even to this day, no transport crew will be able to keep tabs on their shipments at all hours of the journey. They might not even become aware of product-threatening conditions until it’s too late. The use of IoT & sensors in conditioned-based asset management has the potential to rewrite the rules of transportation, augmenting your distribution channels’ capacity to monitor, maintain, and salvage shipments through proactive action.

The issue has always fundamentally been rooted in information. Transport crews are not guaranteed to have the most recent information between checkpoints to be alerted to sudden condition changes. In-house monitoring teams may not have access to the type of hardware capable of keeping them apprised to the latest developments for all shipments across their entire transportation network. Domain Technology Group will help your company integrate and deploy new SenseIT IoT technologies that give your transportation channels the upper hand in protecting shipment integrity and enhancing client approval. Our solutions give you the upper hand in monitoring your distribution channels.

Use of IoT & Sensors in Conditioned Based Asset Management

Network-Wide Condition Monitoring

The conditions aboard each transport vehicle, from ships to trucks, are vulnerable to any number of elements. Sudden temperature drops, the jolt of a pothole, flooding, heat, and more pose the risk of compromising cargo integrity.

Many of these shipments are sinkholes with no financial recovery if not caught early enough. A destroyed shipment is a shipment that will not result in net profit for your organization.

While in transit, your transport teams are not guaranteed to uncover compromised material until they reach their next stop. By utilizing Domain Technology Group’s SenseIT IoT technologies, every transport vessel in your network will freely communicate and send real-time data with your company, updating them on the latest changes in location, environment, and conditions.

Some benefits include:

  • Know the location of shipment up to predefined message time
  • View shipments on a geospatial map where distressed shipments show in yellow or red
  • Know temperature and temperature trends (approaching threshold hot or cold)
  • Know humidity
  • Know tilt-based upon three axes: X, Y, and Z
  • Know if shocked or dropped; set G force tolerance
  • Be alerted if tolerances are exceeded
  • Analyze shipment data history to improve shipment performance
  • And more.

Remote monitoring elevates how effectively salvage strategies can be implemented. As soon as something occurs that distresses your shipments, no matter where they are geospatially on the globe, your monitoring teams can use that real-time data to inform and instruct the appropriate transportation teams on the status of their shipment. Real-time response is critical in optimizing transport channels, saving more transports in trouble using precise metrics.

The use of IoT & sensors in conditioned-based asset management provides your company with a competitive advantage for securing important cargo across any distance. And these features can be implemented across your entire distribution network, allowing monitoring teams to pick out transport vehicles for analysis and ETAs individually. With Domain Technology Group, the future is now. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page to get started.