Sync Asset Tracking and Monitoring Sensor Data into SAP

If your legacy system is incapable of scaling to meet the demands of your IoT-enabled asset tracking and monitoring solution, let Domain Technology Group help you sync the sensor data into SAP to significantly improve your efficiency and productivity.

Domain Technology Group, based in the Philadelphia area, delivers exceptional SAP solutions for manufacturers, distributors and other businesses seeking to leverage enterprise resource planning technology to significantly improve efficiency and productivity and achieve operational excellence.

SAP Business One synchronizes all resources and systems within your organization so that every business function relies on a single database.  With a single source of real-time data, the solution breaks up information gridlock and helps your staff make decisions more quickly. With out-of-the- box automated alerts, analytics, and mobility solutions, SAP Business One is a true business management system.

Sync Asset Tracking and Monitoring Sensor Data into SAP

SAP HANA is an in-memory relational database management system and application platform that allows for the lightning fast processing of massive amounts of real-time data and generates interactive reports in seconds.

SAP Business One powered by HANA ensures that daily tasks – like searching for data, creating dashboards, and producing reports – are done faster, using less computing power. In other words, it gives you crucial real-time information that will help you make smarter, faster decisions.

Leverage the IoT and SAP HANA for Asset Tracking and Monitoring

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers innovative solutions for supply chain operations, with processes and applications never thought possible thanks to the availability of inexpensive sensors, affordable connectivity, scalable cloud platforms, and the vast processing and storage capabilities of big data platforms.

Domain has introduced state-of-the-art shipment tracking and monitoring technology. When you want to know the location and condition of your shipments and assets in real-time, SenseIT IoT by Domain utilizes innovative sensors to capture data from around the world, standardizes, consolidates and maintains it in a HANA database in the cloud, and pushes the data to ERP.

With SenseIT IoT by Domain, your business can:

  • Remotely track assets in real time, both in-transit and at facilities
  • Monitor the condition of trailers, containers and their contents for the duration of the trip, including moisture, acceleration, tilt, shock, and other variables
  • Monitor asset temperatures in all environments, including cold chains
  • Create trigger alerts for breaches of customized thresholds (minimum and maximum)
  • Connect with your on-premise ERP system to trigger action on incidents in real-time
  • Produce powerful, intuitive business analytics
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce the risks of regulatory non-compliance
  • Store a complete history of shipment-related events

When you need a consultant with expertise in complex processes from warehouse management to distribution and transport logistics who can help your business sync asset tracking and monitoring IoT sensor data into SAP, look no further than Domain Technology Group. Contact us at (610) 374-7644 ext. 7005 for a free consultation.