SAP Logistics Consulting Baltimore, MD

With SAP logistics consulting from Domain Technology Group, your business in Baltimore, MD will be able to expand your enterprise-wide productivity and improve all areas of distribution and warehouse management.

Based in the Philadelphia area, Domain Technology Group delivers exceptional SAP solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and other small to large-sized businesses that seek to leverage enterprise resource planning technology to enhance productivity and achieve operational excellence.

Our consulting team works closely with SAP to deliver best-in-class solutions that will help you achieve greater efficiency and improve your bottom line.  If you have considered an ERP to simplify your operations, SAP Business One and Domain Technology Group have a solution.

SAP Logistics Consulting Baltimore, MD

SAP Business One enables manufacturers and distributors to manage their entire shipping and fulfillment processes, from sales and supply chain management to financials and operations, from the same ERP system they use for everything else.

SAP Business One’s robust feature set offers visibility across your entire supply chain, making it easy to stay in compliance with strict industry regulations; track warehouse movements forward, backward, and on demand; and use the data provided by real-time, cross-functional reporting to make faster, more informed decisions.

Asset Tracking/Monitoring Solutions

With affordable connectivity, scalable cloud platforms, and the vast processing and storage capabilities of big data platforms, the Internet of Things (IoT) offers innovative and affordable solutions for supply chain operations, with processes and applications never thought possible.

SenseIT IoT by Domain utilizes innovative sensors to capture data from around the world, standardizes, consolidates and maintains it in a SAP HANA database in the cloud, and pushes the data to ERP. It enables you to remotely track assets in real time, both in-transit and at facilities, and alerts you to condition changes.

SenseIT IoT can be used to monitor the progress of shipments to ensure they arrive on time. It will also sense:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Tilt
  • Impact shock
  • Broken seals and tampering

Real-time alerts help you address problems related to improper handling before damage is irreparable. Additional benefits include reducing waste and delays, reducing legal liability, and eliminating disputes over the condition of products upon receipt.

Consulting Services

Domain Technology Group will listen and observe your company’s requirements and processes, and then leverage our team’s vast knowledge in order to determine the best SAP solution.  We will also recommend and implement best practices to help propel your company ahead of the competition.

  • Solution Scoping – We work side-by-side with you and your team to determine your industry-specific requirements. Then, we use the information to craft a clear project scope with supportive objectives – a key component of project success.
  • SAP System Integration System integration can be pursued at various levels of complexity, ranging from the recurring importation of data from spreadsheets, to web services interface, to core product customization. We will work with you to define an appropriate level of integration for your organization.
  • SAP Training – Our goal is for clients to be knowledgeable about the systems we integrate into their companies. Domain Technology Group provides thorough training to ensure that your team can use the SAP software efficiently and effectively.
  • SAP Customization –When a client requires customization of an SAP offering, we utilize our vast experience in systems analysis and design and implement a system tailored specifically to your business needs.

When you need SAP logistics consulting for your Baltimore, MD business, look no further than Domain Technology Group. Get in touch with us at (610) 374-7644 ext. 7005 for a free consultation and explore the possibilities.