SAP IoT Predictive Maintenance

What impact could zero downtime have for your critical equipment? SAP and IoT predictive maintenance solutions can help you improve maintenance planning and avoid unexpected breakdowns. Whether you are interested in asset tracking and monitoring or predictive maintenance, Domain Technology Group can help.

Based in Wyomissing and Philadelphia, Domain Technology Group delivers exceptional solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and other businesses looking to leverage IoT technology and ERP systems, such as SAP Business One, to improve productivity and efficiency and take growth to the next level.

Our team offers many different business services, from strategic consulting and evaluation, to the introduction, integration, and optimization of SAP solutions in the logistics environment. Our knowledgeable consultants and solution architects would be delighted to help you implement an IoT-enabled solution called SenseIT IoT by Domain.

SAP IoT Predictive Maintenance

Monitor Your Assets in Real-Time

Today’s precise IoT solutions enable you to track and monitor your assets across the globe – no matter where they are.

SenseIT IoT by Domain enables manufacturers and distributors to place innovative sensors on a shipment to monitor actual products in real time.

Sensor data is captured from around the world, standardized, consolidated and maintained in a SAP HANA database in the cloud, and pushed to SAP Business One or another ERP. It gives you the ability to quickly locate items globally and alerts you to condition changes. In some cases, it allows you to salvage a compromised product.

SenseIT IoT will also sense:

  • GPS Location
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Tilt (Axis X, Axis Y, Axis Z)
  • Shock/drop impact (mishandling)
  • Light (e.g., when a trailer door is opened)
  • Broken seals (planned; not yet available)

We can also develop custom sensors. If you have a need to measure something we do not currently support, we can develop it.

Evaluate Equipment Performance in Real-Time

It is now possible to have low-cost built-in sensors send real-time data to your ERP to alert you that a piece of equipment is about to fail or to calculate its remaining useful life. You can then schedule maintenance based on that data.

If predictive maintenance is used correctly and efficiently, it provides a variety of benefits, including:

  • Improves efficiency: Predictive maintenance can reduce equipment downtime and forecast potential issues before they happen. Engineers can schedule repairs when the machine is offline and dormant.
  • Improves scheduling: With predictive maintenance, the best possible time to schedule an upcoming maintenance can be determined by evaluating the captured data. It also allows factory technicians to adjust their stock of spare parts in advance.
  • Improves machine performance: Permanently analyzing the collected data makes it possible to improve the performance of the machine and achieve higher productivity in the long run.

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