IoT Solutions for Asset and Maintenance Management

Centralized control over your company’s inventory, transportation routes, individual shipments, and more has only recently been implemented for most corporate infrastructures. Today, not only can your teams keep an eye on your entire inventory from a single control panel, they can have a precise concept of the conditions for most environments under your company’s umbrella. That’s only possible by integrating IoT solutions for asset and maintenance management.

Success has always been built on the back of information in its rawest form. Having the most real-time data regarding your shipping conditions, warehouse locations, item checklists, and so on affords your teams an advantage when organizing distribution channels and delivering key decisions for en-route transports. No matter where your cargo is in the world, Domain Technology Group offers innovative technologies that enhance how capable your teams are at managing your assets, maintenance requests, and departments through one intuitive interface.

IoT Solutions for Asset and Maintenance Management

The Power of Sense IoT

The expansion and development of virtually every industry put further demand on transport lanes, both domestic and international. From trucks to trains to aircraft, how we could ship goods to every corner of the world continued to grow with every new emerging technology. Sensitive items, such as medicines and expirable foodstuffs, could receive the necessary treatment for safe shipment.

However, though we’ve since created the solutions that enable effective transportation of most goods, each shipment was still liable to damages in transit. Something as simple as a bump in the road could dislodge cargo, or climate control mechanisms could fail and expose the contents to extreme heat or cold. Transport teams could have no idea their cargo was compromised until they reached their next checkpoint or final destination, and by then, there was nothing to be done to salvage the material.

With Domain Technology Group’s SenseIT IoT technologies, keeping tabs on your assets and maintenance requirements is now intuitive. Our technology package comes with the latest hardware and software for giving your teams the closest perspective on all information regarding your shipping network, enabling better response based on real-time information. These technologies include:

  • Cellular sensors
  • Geospatial maps
  • Alerting algorithms
  • Analytical reports

Placed within every transport vessel in your distribution network, these technologies create a functional web of information that tracks, analyzes, alerts, and reports on all salient data generated by your shipments. That includes environmental changes, global location, damaged goods, and more. Everything is translated into easy-to-read reports through SAP HANA in the cloud, removing cluttered and inconsequential information and prioritizing pertinent data for your teams to review and act upon.

Making Your Jobs Easier

Keeping your goods safe, secure, and intact throughout your shipping cycles is of critical importance to protecting your bottom line and customer satisfaction. With every lost shipment and box of damaged goods, it’s both a reflection on your quality of care as well as lost potential profit.

Thankfully, with the right IoT solutions for asset and maintenance management, optimizing your level of control over all transportation aspects is more accessible than ever. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page to get started.