IoT Sensor Companies

Experienced SAP and IoT sensor companies like Domain Technology Group can help you achieve outstanding results. Harness the power of SenseIT IoT by Domain to enhance your asset tracking and condition monitoring systems and avoid production bottlenecks, insufficient inventories, shipping delays, and lost sales.

Domain Technology Group, an SAP partner, is an information systems consulting company based in the Philadelphia area. We help businesses of all sizes optimize their end-to-end business processes, lower their technology costs, and achieve faster time-to-value with systems that can be implemented quickly, are simple to maintain, and minimizes end-user training.

IoT Sensor Companies

Why Manufacturers & Distributors Love SAP Business One

Implementation of SAP Business One enable your business to manage every function of its daily operations with one robust system. This leading integrated ERP system coordinates all of your resources and systems so that every business function, including shipping and asset tracking, relies on a single database. A variety of industry-specific modules are available.

SAP Business One for Manufacturing, for example, enhances visibility into every aspect of your manufacturing operations and helps you solve your most frustrating production challenges, grow quickly, and drive profit. It offers automated processes to support material resource planning, warehousing, production, and commerce.

SAP Business One for the Distribution Industry offers an affordable way to manage your supply chain and distribution networks and enhance customer satisfaction. The software has all the features you need to achieve greater efficiency through automated processes and increase profit margins by adopting a lean approach to operations and distribution.

Top Logistics Solution

Your supply chain is the lifeblood of your business, and knowing where a shipment is and the condition of your products at any given time is a critical part of your operations. Today’s IoT solutions enable you to track and monitor your assets as they travel around the globe.

SenseIT IoT by Domain utilizes innovative sensors to capture data from your shipments; standardizes, consolidates and maintains it in a SAP HANA database in the cloud; and pushes the data to your ERP, giving your organization the ability to quickly locate items globally and alerting you to condition changes.

With SenseIT IoT, you can remotely track assets in real time, both in-transit and at facilities; monitor the condition of individual products for the duration of the trip, including temperature, humidity, tilt, shock, and other variables; and connect with your on-premise ERP system to trigger incident response in real-time.

Domain Technology Group has partnered with Microsoft Azure as the SenseIT host infrastructure, SAP HANA database management system, Google Maps, Orbcomm satellite data, and Emerson sensors. Our solution is hyper-scalable, meaning resources can be seamlessly added as necessary.

When you need knowledgeable IoT sensor companies to help you streamline the logistics of your business, enlist the services of Domain Technology Group. We provide affordable, world-class solutions. Call us today at (610) 374-7644 Ext 7005 for a free consultation.