IoT Consultant Reading, PA

If you are seeking an IoT consultant for your company in Reading, PA, Domain Technology Group can help you understand how the Internet of Things can add value to your business and ensure that you stay ahead of the competition.

Domain Technology Group, an SAP partner, is an information systems consulting company located in Wyomissing and Philadelphia, PA. As a team, our goal is to deliver an efficient, seamless solution residing on a single platform and database to help your company become a more competitive and profitable entity and keep your operations running smoothly.

IoT Consultant Reading, PA

ERP & IoT Solutions

With a variety of industry-specific modules, SAP Business One offers customers a single, cost-effective way to streamline their processes, act on timely information, and accelerate profitable growth.

This affordable, integrated ERP solution synchronizes all resources and systems within your organization, providing a comprehensive solution for managing your entire business – from sales and supply chain management, to financials and operations. It can help you reduce costs, improve flexibility, and eliminate operational complexity.

To quickly transform your business and generate real-time insights, our IoT consultants and solution architects can help you implement an IoT-enabled solution called SenseIT IoT by Domain.

Thanks to the availability of inexpensive sensors, affordable connectivity, scalable cloud platforms, and the vast processing and storage capabilities of big data platforms like SAP HANA, the IoT offers innovative solutions for supply chain operations.

SAP HANA is an in-memory relational database management system and application platform that allows for the lightning fast processing of massive amounts of real-time data and generates interactive reports in seconds for faster decision-making.

There are many benefits to SenseIT IoT, for example, knowing where your shipments are at any given time, when they will be delivered to the destination based on current GPS locations, and how the shipments were handled by your carrier.

Specific sensor measurements are temperature, humidity, three points of axis (tilt), and shock. SenseIT IoT alerts you if a measurement threshold is exceeded and can predict conditions that are becoming unhealthy for your products, allowing you to take corrective action before the product is compromised.

SenseIT combines your ERP shipment information with the sensor data to provide a complete picture of the shipment in real-time. All the data is stored and processed in the cloud allowing you access to the information anywhere anytime.

Partnering with Domain Technology Group

When implementing your SAP and IoT solution, Domain Technology Group will:

  • Learn about your unique business and the organizational, process and technological challenges you face
  • Craft a solution tailored specifically to your industry based on best practices while avoiding the need for custom-built products
  • Work side-by-side with your team to realize your goals, keeping security, scalability and expected outcomes in mind
  • Implement your solution on time and within your budget
  • Incorporate training, coaching and support
  • Provide maximum value for your investment

As an experienced IoT consultant, Domain Technology Group can help your Reading, PA business take advantage of the IoT revolution and unleash its true potential. When you are ready to explore the benefits, contact us at (610) 374-7644 ext. 7005 for a free consultation.