IoT Based Asset Tracking Systems

As your distribution network continues to grow and evolve, managing your shipping lanes becomes increasingly difficult. SMBs especially struggle to scale with the development of their shipping practices, though enterprises of every level need comprehensive technologies capable of enhancing visibility and insight into individual transportation vessels. Keeping up with modern demands requires innovative methods for ensuring your products can be transported safely, securely, and effectively. With the utilization of IoT-based asset tracking systems, your company can leverage the power of the internet to implement effective disaster-recovery practices to preserve in-transit products while logging massive amounts of data from every shipment on a global scale.

Documentation, monitoring, alerting, tracking, and analytics reporting covers a large swathe of what your teams need to optimize your distribution network. With Domain Technology Group’s SenseIT technologies, every shipping vessel, including trains, planes, trucks, and ships, can monitor its cargo from home base in real-time. We developed this technology to use the total worth of the Internet of Things, streamlining communications and data collection for future use and development. Your transportation channels are numerous and global. To manage and monitor them effectively, your teams need innovative tech that equips them for the job.

IoT Based Asset Tracking Systems

Why Should You Use SenseIT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing conglomeration of equipment that uses the internet for communication, data collection, and data exchange. By using the internet’s universal connectivity, related devices can compile and share data taken from sensors. SenseIT is a monitoring tool to keep tabs on all shipments’ locations, conditions, and pathing across your distribution network. Leveraging the IoT enhances the functionality of SenseIT’s hardware and software for seamless communication and updating with your teams.

Here are a few of the benefits that SenseIT IoT offers your organization.

Real-Time Data Collection

Every shipment outfitted with SenseIT technologies is continually collecting and sharing data collected on the progress of individual shipping vessels, keeping your remote teams updated. That allows every decision regarding specific vehicles to be informed by relevant, valuable data, enabling rapid-response salvage efforts if a shipment is distressed.

Geospatial Maps

SenseIT keeps precise tracking information on every shipment equipped with cellular sensors. With on-demand locations available, dispatchers can have the clearest estimation of transport progress, scheduling, deployment, and more. Since SenseIT can operate using its portal or integrating with your ERP, each shipment’s management and monitoring is intuitive and accurate.

Condition Monitoring

Humidity, elevation, temperature, axis, light, shock, drop – any one of these factors can put a shipment in distress. Keeping an eye on shipment conditions is one of the most valuable, essential features offered through SenseIT. Without comprehensive monitoring, the likelihood that your transport teams can salvage a compromised shipment before it’s too late falls drastically.

SenseIT’s Versatility and Utility

What’s already been listed are just a few benefits available to your company when you integrate SenseIT IoT as a part of your distribution network. Other benefits include:

  • Tracking number associated sensors
  • Distressed shipment highlighting
  • Predetermined location updating times
  • Comprehensive documentation and history
  • Analysis of history and performance
  • Integrates with various sensor manufacturers
  • And more.

Domain Technology Group uses IoT-based asset tracking systems to your company’s full advantage. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page so we can get started.