Food ERP Solutions

The ERP software already integrated with your infrastructure is responsible for a sizable workload required to keep your operations functional. CRM, inventory management, analytics, reporting, and more come together to form the crux of your worldwide operations. This gives your teams the tools they need to manage, maintain, deploy, and track all factors within your systems necessary to growth, functionality, and success.

Food ERP SolutionsEven then, however, chances are your ERP software is imperfect in some regards. Translating and aggregating massive amounts of information into actionable intel for your company’s use is challenging to refine to provide unlimited intel on daily operations, something that has the potential to cost any organization in the food industry to suffer. What you need is a food ERP solution that simplifies how you do things.

More than anything, you need a greater level of insight into the activity of your shipments in progress at loading and unloading. ERP software thrives on information, and Domain Technology Group is dedicated to ensuring you’re outfitted with the proper selection of technological solutions elevating overall ERP functionality. While your database might not have had much luck compiling and distributing information on shipments already in transit, our SenseIT integration services deliver a much-needed perspective for optimizing business strategies and transport reliability.

The Power of ERP and SenseIT

The shipping information already available through your ERP is of vital importance to the efficiency and safety of all food-related shipments as it is. However, without a closer look into the actual environments of your in-transit goods, you’re still liable for potential catastrophes you may not know about until transport technicians manually check it themselves. Human error is frequent and sometimes unavoidable, which means that when your control team gets an update, it’s too late to salvage the shipment.

Now, what if you had dedicated sensors, geospatial maps, alerting algorithms, and analytical reports to enhance the information already available to you through your ERP software? SenseIT bridges the information gap by implementing a robust solution for worldwide transit lanes. You’ll have real-time data on the exact location of every plane, ship, truck, or train delivering your goods with insight into the precise status of your goods with inclusive condition monitoring tech.

Condition monitoring enabled through SenseIT IoT’s comprehensive toolset ensures your teams receive up-to-date analytics and data compiled directly from your ERP and SenseIT technologies into high-value reports. Your teams will have access to actionable intel that’s critical for detecting faults before they impact the integrity of your shipments. Streamlining remediation attempts helps maintain optimal transportation procedures while lowering the risk of contamination and disposal.

Benefits of SenseIT IoT

Suffice it to say, SenseIT brings a massive amount of capabilities, tools, and enablement to your company’s infrastructure. Your ERP software was powerful on its own, but our IT solutions provide a vast amount of benefits ideal for driving growth and lowering costs associated with transportation. Some benefits include:

  • Tracking of environmental factors
  • Exact geospatial location of all shipments
  • Immediate alerting based on changes in environment
  • Combining sensor data with your ERP data for one view of shipment (planned vs. actual)
  • Histories of shipment measures and vendor performance

Actual data available to you is the single best determinant of efficient transportation procedures. When you’re in the food industry, you want to be sure that your food ERP solutions can minimize your risk of spoilage and revenue loss. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page so we can get started.