Asset Monitoring & Management in the Food Industry

The best and most effective method for in-depth asset monitoring and management in the food industry is by leveraging powerful, best fit technologies and services designed to provide you with the most relevant and impactful information that affects the quality and integrity of your food commodities while en route between destinations.

The most challenging aspect of working in the food industry is ensuring that every product is kept fresh, safe, and compliant with health standards. If refrigeration were to fail halfway through a shipment schedule, or a sudden jostle opened one or more containers, the resulting exposure would render those materials unsafe for consumption.

Domain Technology Group provides integrated sensor and cloud technology that will help you counteract product threatening conditions by keeping your team apprised of environments, events, and locations of every food shipment.

Asset Monitoring & Management in the Food Industry

What Does SenseIT IoT Offer?

Visibility is one of the most powerful new benefits of innovation in sensor technology and integration with ERP systems. SenseIT IoT consists of a combination of cellular sensors, geospatial maps, alerting algorithms, and analytical reports that deliver consistent, high-value data into the hands of your team.

SenseIT IoT can track the port departure, port arrival and warehouse arrival of most commodities, but is particularly valuable in the transportation of perishable food products, pharmaceuticals, and plants and flowers that require more care and diligence than most other types of shipments.

Cellular Sensors

Every plane, train, truck, and ship used by your company to transport materials between locations receives a dedicated cellular sensor to track and monitor your assets. These sensors detect, record, and relay environmental conditions, including aspects such as:

  • GPS Location
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Tilt Axis X
  • Tilt Axis Y
  • Tilt Axis Z
  • Shock / Drop
  • Light

Every step of your cargo’s journey is captured by SenseIT IoT sensors, providing new insights into every occurrence in their environment.

Geospatial Maps

Being able to analyze and source the exact location of every shipment across the globe is essential for effective tracking, shipping lane organization and contact. It ensures your teams can locate and pull up relevant data on any shipment at any time.

Alerting Algorithms

If anything were to occur to compromise the integrity of your shipments, SenseIT IoT is programmed to deliver an immediate alert that outlines the details of the event, such as time, location, and cause. This provides your company with the opportunity to salvage the situation, leveraging remediation contingencies to preserve your product before it’s ruined.

Analytical Reports

Every iota of information is catalogued, processed, refined, and compiled into easy-to-use reports. These reports contain high-value data that provide in-depth insights into your shipments. Your technicians can dissect these reports to understand critical aspects of every shipment, whether they encountered issues on the road or reached their destinations without incident, to develop better plans for future development.

Food requires delicate handling and sensitive environments to preserve integrity, quality, and security for consumers. Effective asset monitoring and management in the food industry, assisted by Domain Technology Group’s SenseIT IoT services, is instrumental for optimal delivery and handling. If you are interested in a partnership, visit our contact page so we can get started.