Asset Monitoring & Management in the Electronics Industry

Electronics have always been sensitive material, both in use and in transport. Physical damage or adverse temperature and humidity conditions have the potential to result in thousands of dollars in damaged product, reducing your company’s ROI and quarterly earnings. Reliable asset monitoring and management in the electronics industry is vital. Not only do you need a greater level of visibility into every shipping vessel involved in your company’s network, you need the means to easily compile and aggregate that information for future development.

Domain Technology Group offers powerful technologies and services that seamlessly integrate with your ERP, expanding on geospatial locations, transportation conditions, and status updates. In addition, we ensure you’re kept up to date on the details of your transportation and handling processes through in-depth reporting analytics and alerting algorithms. A little visibility into the intricacies of your operations can offer immense capability for adapting to sudden changes while incorporating new knowledge into future processes.

Asset Monitoring & Management in the Electronics Industry

Intuitive Design and Comprehensive Results

Digesting the vast amount of information that is continually generated across every step of the shipping and handling process is a workload in itself. Progress isn’t synthetically manufactured; it’s developed over time by parsing new data accumulated from ongoing operations. If you’re able to compile massive amounts of information without any way to filter it into observable means, then all you’re left with is a mountain of jargon, useful to no one.

With Domain Technology Group’s SenseIT IoT, leveraging data comes easily. We take the appropriate steps to provide a broader net of visibility over your operations, installing cellular sensors that utilize SAP HANA to systematically compile all data from every shipping truck, plane, train, or ship and send it back through your ERP for processing, tracking, and management.

SAP HANA plays a huge role in why this technology features such wide functionality and effectiveness. It provides the power needed to generate real-time reports that prioritize, organize, and format for ease-of-use. Data that’s relevant and high-value, such as sudden changes in temperature, humidity, or potential shocks and drops that occur in transit, are categorized. Your teams can then click through, pick apart, and segment elements of interest for your needs.

What Is SenseIT Capable of?

Our sensors are capable of taking a lot of readings, from GPS location to tilts in axes or even light exposure. It is not limited to that, however, and the combination of the full value of SenseIT IoT offers massive amounts of utility. It comes with several high-value benefits, including:

  • Locations of shipments up to predefined message times
  • Locations of shipments on a geospatial map in distress (labelled yellow or red)
  • Attach sensors to carrier tracking numbers
  • Establish tolerances for all measures
  • Temperature trends
  • Humidity levels
  • Tilts based upon three axes: X, Y, and Z
  • Shock or drop in transit
  • Immediate alerts for exceeded tolerances
  • Shipping histories
  • And more.

You should only opt for the best solutions if you want effective asset monitoring and management in the electronics industry. If you are interested in a partnership with Domain Technology Group, visit our contact page so we can get started.