Vulnerability Assessment Philadelphia

Don’t find out the hard way how much such a cyberattack could cost your organization in Philadelphia, PA. Domain Technology Group can provide a vulnerability assessment and a variety of solutions that will help you protect your company’s data and reputation.

Domain Technology Group, the sister company of Domain Consulting Group, is an information technology (IT) consulting company located in Wyomissing and Philadelphia, PA.  Our cybersecurity experts have decades of experience in data breach assessment, incident response, vulnerability analysis, pen testing, IT risk assessment, cybersecurity solutions, and threat management, and offer a variety of affordable services that help businesses of all sizes protect their vital business data from threats.

Vulnerability Assessment Philadelphia

Cybersecurity Assessments

Does your business deal with customer contact information, credit card data, health data, or valuable intellectual property? Are you confident you have taken the required steps to protect that data from cyberattacks?

The Domain Technology Group team can put your mind at ease by performing a vulnerability assessment. We approach vulnerability testing by following a proven-effective sequence of steps:

  • Take an inventory of the system.
  • Assign a level of importance to each component (how critical is it for the component in question to be secure?)
  • Scan each component for threats and vulnerabilities, finding the weaknesses of the components.
  • Prioritize the most crucial of the identified vulnerabilities to quickly improve your network security stance.

We take a four-stage approach that involves:

  • Assessment: We measure your network’s current state of security and identify system vulnerabilities.  We analyze your network from inside and outside your firewall and generate a detailed report for review with your management team.
  • Monitoring: Hackers are persistent and are constantly changing their tactics. This makes cyber security an ongoing battle. Domain Technology Group will monitor your network traffic using sophisticated software that alerts us when suspicious activity is detected. This enables us to take immediate action to protect your network from threats.
  • Prevention: We use the information obtained from our assessment to work with your team to secure your network.  This may be as simple as closing unnecessary network ports that expose your company to the outside world, to more complex tasks such as implementing newer, more advanced firewalls or encrypting your data.
  • Incident Response: We implement tools that isolate changes to your network so that we can investigate which were intentional or malicious, and determine whether any data was modified, deleted or stolen. We can also help you recover information wherever possible. If you are required to notify government agencies about a breach, we can provide the information you need.

These stages can be conducted together (consecutively) or individually.

In addition to our vulnerability assessment services, Domain Technology Group can help your business in Philadelphia stay protected from cyber threats by implementing 24/7 managed security services.  Contact us online for a free cyber security consultation.