Penetration Testing

Also known as a pentest, Domain performs penetration tests, purposeful software attacks on a computer system with the intent of uncovering a network’s security weaknesses.  How easily can data be extracted from the computer system?

The first step of Domain’s penetration testing process is identifying the target systems and defining the goal of the testing.  The next step is to achieve the predefined goal by reviewing the available information and taking the necessary actions, such as performing an attack on the system.  By doing so, Domain can determine if a system is vulnerable to cyber-attacks by assessing its performancePentest during the strenuous and purposeful attack.  In other words, pentests put significant pressure on a network’s defenses to see if they can be broken down.  On the other side of the coin, the test can prove the security measures to be

After a penetration test is performed, Domain creates a high-level report of the test results and presents it to the owner and/or executive(s) of the firm.  The report includes suggestions on how to mitigate the risks uncovered during the test.  A more detailed report can also be provided to the firm’s IT department.

Some common goals of penetration testing are to: identify crucial system vulnerabilities; uncover vulnerabilities that may be hard to see from the surface; determine the effect an attack would have on business operations; test the strength of the network’s defense mechanisms; and determine appropriate security measures to eliminate the uncovered vulnerabilities.