IT Security Services in Berks County

Information technology (IT) has become the core of how business is conducted today, in Berks County and around the globe.  As cyber security races to stay ahead of increasing threats, take advantage of services from Domain Technology Group to ensure that your vital business data is properly protected.

Domain Technology Group, the sister company of Domain Technology Group, an SAP partner, is an information technology (IT) consulting company based in Wyomissing, PA.  Our cybersecurity experts offer a wide range of services that help small and mid-sized businesses identify potential security threats and protect their data.

If you utilize an SAP business management solution, we also offer state-of-the-art solutions that will protect your investment and give you peace of mind.  Our SAP security solutions are flexible and all-inclusive, regardless of which SAP package you are running on, and will protect your firm whether your enterprise software is cloud, non-cloud, or hybrid.

Four Tier Approach to Cyber Security

IT Security Services in Berks CountyWithout proper planning, many businesses find themselves vulnerable to attack. This typically occurs when a company is unaware of their weaknesses and not adequately prepared to correct them.

Domain Technology Group has a four-tier approach to helping you protect your data. The tiers can be conducted together (consecutively) or individually.

  • Assessment: We use network analysis tools to measure your network’s current state of security and identify system vulnerabilities.  We analyze your network from inside and outside your firewall and generate a detailed report for review with your management team.
  • Prevention: Based on information obtained from the assessment, we work with your team to lock down your network.  This may involve closing unnecessary network ports that expose your company to the outside world, or implementing newer, more advanced firewalls, or encrypting your data.
  • Monitoring: Domain Technology Group monitors your network traffic using sophisticated software that alerts us when suspicious activity is detected. We then take immediate action to protect your network from constantly changing threats.
  • Response: The tools we use allow us to isolate changes to your network so that we can investigate whether any were intentional or malicious and determine whether data was modified, deleted or stolen. We can also provide the information you need to report a breach to a government agency.

Develop an Incident Response and Recovery Plan

Data breaches are inevitable today, and the consequences of being caught off guard when an incident occurs far outweigh the time and effort required to create a robust incident response plan.

Your incident response plan will help your organization manage the aftermath of an attack and reduce recovery time and costs. To be effective, it must be developed well before an incident occurs and should be integrated across business units.

Domain Technology Group can help you define an action plan based on the specialized needs of your organization that will serve as a blueprint for your business’ response and recovery efforts.

Our cybersecurity experts will help you define the roles and responsibilities of your team so they can respond quickly to a security breach to minimize the duration and impact on your organization.

Protect your data and your systems in Berks County with IT security services from Domain Technology Group. We can help your organization implement solutions to safeguard your most valuable data. Call us today at (610) 374-7644, ext. 7001 for a free cybersecurity consultation.