Cybersecurity Risk & Responsibility in the Water Sector

Understanding your shortcomings is the first step in implementing proactive remediation strategies to measure cybersecurity risk and responsibility in the water sector. With Domain Technology Group’s extensive experience providing top-level cybersecurity services, maintaining and managing an airtight security posture doesn’t need to come with an expensive price tag.

Cybersecurity Risk & Responsibility in the Water Sector

Cyber risk poses one of the most credible threats to our country’s water infrastructure to date. As risk factors become more prevalent, seeking exploitation of the water sector’s resources, data, and systems, the necessity for raising awareness and implementing proactive security protocols to counteract the danger is imperative. In the interests of protecting public health, the environment, and infrastructural integrity, greater emphasis is being placed on building and maintaining a prominent security stature.

Updating your security parameters to align with modern regulatory compliance starts with having all the information at your disposal. An in-depth vulnerability assessment paves the way for implementing the right preventative strategies for your IT environment.

Our Cybersecurity Assessment Services

Different types of assessments provide different solutions based on what your organization needs for optimized security. Domain Technology Group specializes in three distinct assessment variants, including:

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Web application assessments
  • PEN testing

Vulnerability Assessments

Our engineers investigate workstations, firewalls, servers, and wireless connections to determine the scope of your IT environment’s security posture. Starting with an inventory of your business-critical assets, we evaluate your infrastructure for all current vulnerabilities. Once these risks have been identified and compiled into a legible report, a priority list based on the severity of each vulnerability is constructed to inform and guide future remediation efforts.

Web Application Assessments

Web apps function on the edge between your organization’s infrastructure and the cloud. This public-facing placement means that web apps are constantly exposed to new and evolving threats. A web application assessment picks apart your web apps to uncover any vulnerabilities or risks to your infrastructure, and from there, we offer remediation services to patch up your systems.

PEN Testing

Determining how effective your cybersecurity protocols, practices, and strategies are at repelling a viral incursion can’t be comprehensively accomplished from observation alone. PEN testing probes the state of the individual security parameters per asset, testing to see how capable they would fare fending off an actual cyber attack.

Our Cybersecurity Monitoring Services

A vulnerability risk assessment is a one-and-done process. Expanding visibility and oversight across your attack service through cybersecurity monitoring allows your teams to assess your network security parameters and track viral threats proactively. The application of AI-driven software automates this process, providing critical data from across your network infrastructure for rapid-response security strategies.

Our Cyberattack Prevention Services

We’re there to strengthen your security posture, rectify security gaps, and integrate technologies designed to interface seamlessly with your current IT environment. Our hands-on prevention strategies and technologies institute the right protections for what your IT environment needs to counteract any threat that crosses your parameters. Some of our preventative solutions include:

  • Close unnecessary network ports
  • Implement new advanced firewalls
  • Encrypt your data
  • Train user and monitor user behavior
  • And more

Our decades of industry experience and workforce composed of industry-leading professionals ensure that we can provide all the support necessary for cybersecurity risk & responsibility in the water sector. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page to get started.