Cybersecurity Assessments for the Water Sector

No industry is safe from cyberattacks, and the water sector is no exception. The threat landscape has reached a heightened state of awareness, sustaining a real threat to the holistic water and wastewater infrastructure. The risk of disruptions to the delivery of safe, potable water and effective treatment of wastewater poses risks to the health and safety of the U.S. population. Determining the extent of your network infrastructure’s exposure to hackers requires a company experienced in providing intensive cybersecurity assessments for the water sector, such as Domain Technology Group,

Cybersecurity Assessments for the Water Sector

We were founded on the principle of providing cost-effective IT services that provide our clients with a competitive edge. The current cyber threat landscape means that more threat actors are actively looking for weaknesses, security gaps, and other vulnerabilities that can be exploited within your infrastructure. Our cybersecurity assessment services enhance visibility into the intricacies of your network, detailing your technological assets, security protocols, and infrastructural framework with the most up-to-date information regarding your security stature. Our engineers will help protect your systems and maintain regulatory compliance without overextending your budget.

Why Do You Need a Cybersecurity Assessment?

Hackers are constantly looking for any weakness within a network that can be exploited for personal profit, targeted damage, or any other goals that may be well understood or virtually unknown. What matters most isn’t necessarily their goals but that you’re able to repel their infiltration attempts across any surface. Accomplishing this means maintaining impermeable network security parameters through strict maintenance and execution of the correct cybersecurity practices, policies, protocols, technologies, and strategies.

In the event of unauthorized access to your computer systems, many damages could occur that threaten your operations, clients, employees, infrastructure, and more. Some common damages include:

  • Lost productivity
  • Operational disruption
  • Ransom costs
  • Repairing or installing new computer systems costs
  • Customer data theft
  • Public health or environmental danger
  • Customer confidence loss

A correctly done cybersecurity assessment is designed to pinpoint every vulnerability present across your network, highlighting them in order of severity and giving your teams greater insight into your asset inventory and their functions. With increased cyber threat activity, gaining control and authority over your network allows you to protect it against threat agents more effectively.

What Does A Cybersecurity Assessment Look Like?

Whether they’re a vulnerability assessment, PEN testing service, or web application assessment, these assessments tend to follow a structured procedure outlining each step of the process. Since each examination has a different goal associated with its execution, these steps vary based on their objectives.

Vulnerability assessments are primarily focused on establishing a broad overview of every weakness in your network. This process involves inventorying your essential assets, scanning them for vulnerabilities, and organizing the results by the severity of the risk.

Web application assessments, like vulnerability assessments, are meant to test the functionality of your app. Our approach examines the components and mechanisms of your application, allowing us to uncover any weaknesses or inconsistencies within its structure.

PEN testing is a form of ethical hacking to test how viable your current security measures are for a given asset. Rather than taking a broad perspective, PEN testing is narrow and simulates an attack on your network, providing insight into how well your infrastructure holds up to scrutiny.

As cybersecurity assessments for the water sector become increasingly important, working with a cybersecurity services provider like Domain Technology Group makes all the difference. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page so we can get started.