Cyber Security Audit & Assessment Services in Lehigh Valley

Cyber security is top of mind these days for all types businesses in Lehigh Valley. Take advantage of the cybersecurity services, including audits and assessments, from Domain Technology Group to protect your vital business data from threats.

Domain Technology Group is located in Wyomissing. We are an information technology (IT) consulting company and sister company of Domain Technology Group, an SAP partner. Our experienced cybersecurity team offers decades of experience in incident response, data breach analysis, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, Web application assessment, IT risk assessment, and threat management.

Cyber Security Audit & Assessment Services in Lehigh Valley

Although the headlines tend to focus primarily on hackers, the actions of your employees may pose an even larger threat. Your data may be exposed to the greatest risk from employees who open emails from unknown sources or insert an infected flash drive into their computer, which in turn opens the door for criminals to access your critical information systems.

As small and mid-sized companies grow, it is not uncommon for them to try to stretch their limited resources. This means they have not likely kept pace with the security tools, staff and budget required to keep them ahead of the risks to their IT assets.

Managing those risks requires a well thought-out plan that must align with your overall corporate strategy. For this reason, cyber security is not simply an IT issue; it’s an executive issue. The Ernst and Young report, “Cyber Program Management” provides more information on cyber security at the executive level.

Domain’s Cyber Security Services

The four tiers of Domain’s cybersecurity program are assessment, prevention, monitoring, and response.  They can be conducted together (consecutively) or a la carte. When gaps in security are found, they are documented and reported to the appropriate individuals with recommended actions for eliminating gaps and vulnerabilities.

One of the most crucial cybersecurity services that Domain Technology Group performs for clients is a security assessment, also known as a security audit.  Our team of security experts studies your company’s requirements and current security situation to ensure that you are taking the necessary measures to protect your data.

If you have already been the victim of a cyber attack that needs urgent attention, our incident response team will take immediate action to minimize the damages and the time and cost of recovery.

Once the incident has been contained, we will perform a data breach analysis to determine the origin of the attack, fix uncovered vulnerabilities, restore stolen or altered data from data and software backup files, and remove any harmful code that may remain on the system.

Success Story

Recently, we received a call from an independent educational consulting firm that was not a client at the time about the hacking of their website.  As a result of the hack, their domain name was being identified as spam by internet users, and their reputation with existing clients was being harmed.

The website, hosted by a third party and using WordPress as the content management system (CMS), had indeed been hacked and was used to send out a large number of phishing emails, including some that claimed to be from various banks.

Domain Technology Group used our knowledge and experience to clean up the site and the domain name.  We moved their services (web and email) to more reputable servers and services, locked down access to WordPress, and continued monitoring their site to ensure there are no more surprises.

Businesses of all types and sizes in Lehigh Valley, PA have data that hackers would find valuable. For an audit and/or assessment of your systems and more information about our cyber security services that can help you secure them,  call Domain Technology Group at (610) 374-7644, ext. 7001 and get started with a free cybersecurity consultation.