Cyber Security Audit & Assessment Services in Berks County

Organizations in Berks County and around the globe are under constant pressure today to protect data and critical systems from breaches. Take advantage of the cyber security audit and assessment services of Domain Technology Group to keep your data safe.

Domain Technology Group is located in Wyomissing. We are an information technology (IT) consulting company and sister company of Domain Technology Group, an SAP partner. Our cybersecurity team offers decades of experience in incident response, data breach assessment, vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, Web application assessment, IT risk assessment, and threat management.

Managed Security Services

Networks are becoming more complex, and cyber attacks are a constant threat. As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), Domain Technology Group helps small and mid-sized businesses take advantage of security tools and resources that may otherwise be out of reach of their internal IT budgets.

Outsourcing your security services to Domain Technology Group, an Internet Service Provider (ISP), means that your information technology will be managed continuously while you concentrate on your business operations.

Cyber Security Audit & Assessment Services in Berks County

With integrated technologies and unparalleled threat intelligence, we can meet the demands of your organization with services that include:

  • Monitoring and management of intrusion detection software
  • Identifying abnormalities such as malware, network vulnerabilities, and data theft
  • Analysis and validation by certified security experts
  • Patch management and upgrades of security components including firewalls
  • Performing security assessments/security audits

Domain Technology Group works closely with clients to understand their infrastructure and requirements and then implements services that work with their existing security programs and personnel. Our managed security services are designed to serve as an extension of your internal security staff.

If you utilize an SAP business management solution, Domain Technology Group also offers state-of-the-art cyber security solutions that will protect your invaluable investment and give you peace of mind 24/7.  Our SAP security solutions are flexible and all-inclusive, regardless which SAP package you are running on, and will protect your firm whether your enterprise software is cloud, non-cloud, or hybrid.

Domain’s Cybersecurity Tiers

If your organization is required to work with PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX and other security regulations, or you are implementing payment services and want to ensure you have taken the proper steps to protect your data, considerone, two, three, or all four of Domain’s cybersecurity tiers.

Domain’s  four  tiers of cybersecurity are: assessment, prevention, monitoring and response. They can be conducted together (consecutively) or individually. Any security gaps we find are documented and reported to the appropriate individuals with recommendations for eliminating gaps and vulnerabilities.

Whether you are looking for general information about the cyber security audit and assessment services we offer to businesses in Berks County and beyond, or have a specific question, Domain Technology Group wants to help. Call (610) 374-7644, ext. 7001 today or contact us online for a free cyber security consultation.