CMMC Certification

If you think you’re ready for CMMC certification, you’re not. Your cybersecurity processes, policies, risk management, and capacity to safeguard sensitive CUI is, as of now, insufficient for the standards set forth by the DoD. There’s a stark difference between what was expected under NIST 800-171 and the measures of compliance required to achieve CMMC. As the threat of cyberattacks against government entities has increased, the need for stricter, safer DoD-identified contractors has risen in response.

Self-assessments are no longer applicable for bidding on DoD contracts. As CMMC is rolled out, eventually any contractor interested in continuing their work with the DoD will need this certification, no matter the level of clearance or security regarding DIB databases and server networks. Domain Technology Group, with our extensive history performing NIST framework assessments for the FFIEC, will help you ensure your company reaches cybersecurity compliance through proactive, systematic renovations to your current policies, security, privacy, and remediation plans.

CMMC Certification

Using NIST Special Papers as Reference

Strictly speaking, any NIST papers previously used for meeting acceptable cybersecurity standards are not guaranteed to qualify your company for CMMC. The NIST 800-171 is similar in form and function to the CMMC, but lacks the same level of security controls, maturity practices, and cybersecurity measures needed for optimal protection from incidents, natural disasters, data breaches, and cyberattacks.

However, while the NIST 800-171 provides valuable insight into the divide between your current state and what’s expected for DoD cybersecurity compliance, the NIST recently released a new revision to the SP 800-53, documents detailing extensive measures, guidelines, and updated security controls necessary to effectively securing your company.

The most significant changes made with this new revision include:

  • Consolidating the control catalog
  • Integrating supply chain risk management
  • Adding new state-of-the-practice controls
  • Making controls outcome-based
  • Improving descriptions of content relationships
  • Separating the control selection processes from the controls
  • Transferring control baselines and tailoring guidance to NIST SP 800-53B

The exact parameters that the CMMC expects of your cybersecurity network are undefined at the moment, save for a few CMMC guides available through the DoD. What is known is that there are 17 distinct categories the auditor will assess when determining your company’s capability to handle CUI. Using NIST SP 800-53 Rev 5 provides a level of holistic guidance elevating your cybersecurity, fundamentally improving your operations, risk management, and level of protection in anticipation of your audit.

Leveraging Domain Technology Group’s Services

Preparing for an audit can be overwhelming, especially considering the scale that the CMMC represents. The SP 800-53 is a powerful framework in itself, but securing effective implementation practices can benefit from a company with ample experience working with NIST framework assessments.

The first step in compliance is a self-assessment. Domain Technology Group has the objective perspective integral to determining your cybersecurity weaknesses, flaws in security policies, and what remediation steps need to be taken to achieve compliance. Once you’ve developed a comprehensive list of insights into where your company cybersecurity is falling short, ensuring you’re up to code through dedicated renovations, continual improvement, and constant monitoring keeps your company in peak shape for the audit.

CMMC certification is a goal that takes more effort to reach DoD compliance level than your company might be used to. That just means that, by the time Domain Technology Group has lent our full assistance, virtually any external threats will be well within your ability to prevent. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page so we can get started.