CMMC Auditors Pennsylvania

Whether or not your company has the capacity and capability to handle sensitive information like CUI is no longer a factor that your own internal assessments can determine. The DoD has begun instituting stricter guidelines, standards, and expectations for DoD contractors, an initiative instituted to protect against possible leaks of valuable data related to national security. If you’re expecting to continue a working relationship with the DoD, you should expect CMMC auditors in Pennsylvania to provide their own assessment of your infrastructure, cybersecurity, and preventative measures.

Depending on the level of work you’ll be expecting to do, you have time before a third-party auditor is assigned to review your application. While you may be personally confident in your company’s security, the new standards established by the DoD nearly guarantee that your current state is unprepared for the higher expectations of your auditor. Domain Technology Group has provided our expertise in helping contractors become compliant for years, and helping you make the changes you need to reach CMMC levels is an essential part of our work.

CMMC Auditors Pennsylvania

Why Do We Have the Expertise?

CMMC is, in relation to other compliance frameworks that have been the gold standard historically, a very recent change to how contractors should approach their cybersecurity. Not only is it a recent change, it’s a huge leap from what was expected from the previous NIST frameworks for maturity models. Cybersecurity solutions that went above and beyond NIST compliance standards last year will fall short of CMMC standards this year, essentially.

However, The National Institute of Standards and Technology are able to provide valuable material that help align your company’s cybersecurity structure with CMMC guidelines. NIST recently made an update to SP 800-53, providing crucial context, information, and guidelines for enhancing your cybersecurity to meet CMMC standards. There are few other resources that direct your company’s attention to more actionable frameworks.

Domain Technology Group has had years of experience intimately working with NIST frameworks, planting us as a field expert on how to use them to assess and provide informed insights into reinventing your cybersecurity measures. Not only will you be fully prepared to pass your audit with flying colors, the changes implemented to your security infrastructure will remain relevant for years to come, providing top quality protection for your databases, devices, and systems.

Data Security Above All Else

The reason why DoD took a first-hand approach to changing their compliance guidelines for all DoD contractors is tied to an increased cyber risk to sensitive information contained within the DIB. Taking proactive measures to ensure any and all companies that access the DIB are capable of responsibly handling the data contained within is a matter of national security.

Previously, any company that could pass their own internal assessment could become a DoD contractor. Now, through third-party auditing and the CMMC, only the most qualified entities will be able to access CUI, depending on which security level they qualify for. By narrowing the margins on which companies are able to attain certain levels of clearance, ensuring that all data within the DIB is handled appropriately helps protect national interests.

Considering the scale of importance regarding DoD information, ensuring your company can impress CMMC auditors in Pennsylvania is a top priority. Domain Technology Group has the expertise, resources, and skilled personnel needed to help you become compliant. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page so we can get started.