CMMC Auditor Reading, PA

Maintaining highly effective security and protective protocols when dealing with CUI has always been self-regulatory between contractors and NIST frameworks. With the release of the CMMC, however, the DoD has established a new level of compliance that will be required by all DoD-recognized contractors in the future. After a comprehensive evaluation from a CMMC auditor, whether your company in Reading, PA will continue to do business with the DoD is dependent on whether you receive proper accreditation.

As the successor to the NIST 800-171, proving you have the necessary cybersecurity maturity for certification means passing 17 domains regarding the effectiveness, functionality, and security of your company. Compared to its predecessor, the CMMC compels a higher degree of standard to be held for all contractors, ensuring that every contractor is validated to uphold the integrity and safety of all information sourced from DIB systems and networks. Domain Technology Group emphasizes the importance of a strong cybersecurity presence within your company, which is why we’ll go through what can be expected from your company for these CMMC domains.

CMMC Auditor Reading, PA

Access Control (AC)

All levels of access, including system access requirements, control internal system access, and remote system access, is considered here. Your level of access control determines how you limit data access only to authorized users and processes.

Asset Management (AM)

How well do you document, identify, and manage the assets under your care? Sufficient organization ability and tracking is essential for dealing with CUI.

Audit and Accountability (AU)

You must be able to prove that you’re able to audit your own systems, including a full understanding of how to identify and protect any relevant audit information while effectively managing all audit logs created through the process.

Awareness and Training (AT)

Properly training your employees in security awareness keeps your workforce effectively prepared for incident response.

Configuration Management (CM)

Auditors will assess how you create configuration baselines, as well as your capability in performing change management.

Identification and Authentication (IA)

All authenticated personnel and entities need to be properly and accurately identified.

Incident Response (IR)

If an incident occurs, your company must be able to efficiently respond quickly and effectively to prevent further damage to your systems and data.

Maintenance (MA)

Upkeep of your company must be continual and well organized.

Media Protection (MP)

All media under your care must be sanitized, protected, and controlled, including during transport.

Personal Security (PS)

You must screen all personnel and ensure your CUI can’t be tampered with while personnel interact with it.

Physical Protection (PE)

Physical access to your systems must also be limited.

Recovery (RE)

All data must have sufficiently managed backups in case of catastrophic disaster.

Risk Management (RM)

All identified risks to your system must be effectively managed, controlled, and dealt with.

Security Assessment (CA)

Ensuring your security measures are up-to-date, fully developed, and modified as needed provides extra protection for your systems.

Situational Awareness (SA)

Consistent, vigilant monitoring for potential threats must be enabled.

Systems and Communications Protection (SC)

Company systems and communications must have defined protections for integrity and security.

System and Information Integrity (SI)

No cybersecurity system is perfect. Analyzing, identifying, and rectifying system flaws, malicious content, and implementing network and system monitoring corrects mistakes before they impact your performance.

A CMMC auditor in Reading, PA will use each of these domain categories to determine whether you receive your CMMC, which in turn facilitates further business with the DoD. If you’re interested in enlisting Domain Technology Group’s services to ensure you’re prepared for your audit, visit our contact page so we can get started.