What new benefits can SenseIT loT offer your Company?

January 18th, 2023

What’s new with SenseIT loT?  Configurable Thresholds and Intelligent Alerts

  • SenseIT IoT user can now configure thresholds for alarms and alerts determined by users. For example, a user sets a temperature to 8 degrees Celsius. The user configures SenseIT IoT to notify them if the threshold is hit, or better yet, before reaching the threshold. If the alert is activated, one or many users will receive alert emails, affording them the opportunity to salvage a shipment.

Thresholds can also be set for the following:

  1. Temperature
  2. Humidity
  3. Impact on three axes
  4. Tilt
  5. Light
  • SenseIT IoT embodies a custom alert logic to support more complex alerts. For example, a SenseIT IoT user may want to track humidity in relationship to temperature. In this case, a query is written and inserted into the SenseIT alert engine produces a detailed response.


  • SenseIT Iot can alert multiple contacts/users in the event of a threatened shipment. One of these contacts will be designated as the primary contact person responsible for the shipment.


  • You, the user, decide which type of alert you prefer.  Choose to see the current and previous measurements or see the entire history of alerts.  When notified you will see the alert number, the message, location, date, and time.  SenseIT includes the amount and percentage of any temperature excursion or shipment exception.

Using the knowledge provided by SenseIT IoT allows you to be more proactive, putting you ahead of the competition, and positively impacting your company’s bottom line.

For more information, email info@domain-group.com, or call (484) 256-4371.