SenseIT IoT Configurable Thresholds

July 26th, 2023

SenseIT IoT is improved to support configurable thresholds. Using a simple interface, users establish minimum and maximum thresholds for a product being monitored. The sensor is attached to the item being condition monitoredUsers can instruct SenseIT to  alert them if a shipment achieves threshold, or more importantly, if a shipment is trending toward the established threshold using the priority deviation settings. Users are alerted if a product is trending toward a maximum or minimum threshold, allowing a threatened shipment to be salvaged before being compromised.  In the case of valuable pharmaceuticals and food, this alert feature can save large investments.  In the case of pharmaceuticals, SenseIT can alert to salvage life preserving medications.  Note, configuring thresholds is simpleThe simplicity of SenseIT IoT’s front end masks the complexity of the application’s backend. SenseIT IOT is designed to optimize the user experience (UX).