Preserving Outstanding Quality with SenseIT IoT

June 16th, 2020

Does your company pride itself in attention to detail and fine craftsmanship? Domain’s newest business-enhancing information technology solution: SenseIT IoT, can help to maintain the integrity of your poduct during the often precarious process of shipping to your customers.

SenseIT is an internet of things application developed by Domain to help businesses track shipments and product handling conditions in real time. Using sensors from various manufacturers, we upload collected data to SenseIT’s cloud, standardize the record format and insert it into an SAP HANA database. With SenseIT,  Domain’s customers can see the exact location of  the truck, plane, train, or ship that is transporting their products, as well as the condition of the product, thereby protecting their valuable property in real time with precision and ease.  

SenseIT is designed for both manufacturers and distributors. One of Domain’s  customers, StyleCraft is a manufacturer of fine cabinetry who has benefited by using SenseIT in a shipment from Lancaster County to Dallas Texas. In this case, the company needed to determine how drawer slides were being damaged during the shipment process.  By setting low thresholds for G shock levels, we were able to determine at what level they were being damaged so that they could be packaged properly.  SenseIT also set thresholds minimum and maximum temperature and humidity to protect the integrity of the wood and finish. A real-time map allows customers to visualize all active shipments geospatially, and by clicking on individual shipments, they can view sensor readings. If a shipment is distressed, SenseIT sends an instantaneous alert via email that includes time, location, and cause.  

After completion of a product shipment, SenseIT automatically produces a COPH, or a Certificate of Project Handling. The COPH lists shipment details such as start and stop date and time, maximum and minimum sensor readings, including GPS location of the product at the time of the message. The COPH provides our customers with concrete information with which to supply their customers. 

 As you look to the future of your company, let Domain help you get there and maintain that edge using the knowledge provided by the SenseIT solution.