PaceJet Freight Management and SAP Business One Integration By Domain

October 19th, 2020

Domain Technology Group Integrates Pacejet and SAP Business One Technology

In times like these, companies need smart, cost effective ways to grow their business.  With the integration of Pacejet shipping software and SAP Business One technology, Domain Technology Group can make it easy for your small,  midsize, and emerging company to:

  • save money
  • grow faster
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • reduce errors
  • increase revenue

These two powerful tools, Pacejet and SAP, can help you get the right shipments to the right places more quickly and efficiently while they allow you to track your shipments in real time.  This all adds up to reduced time and costs and a better customer experience, resulting in more growth for your company

With state of the art software companies like Pacejet and SAP,  Domain can help you can take  the guess work out of rate shopping and reduce carrier rates up to 30%.  Pacejet allows for multi-carrier shipping rate comparison that reduces costs and errors and increases efficiency. Integrated with SAP Business One, Pacejet software

  • creates all the necessary documents to distribute products nationally
  • displays LTL, parcel, 3PL services, prices, and transit times in real time
  • imports carrier tracking numbers
  • performs detailed analysis that allows you to evaluate your carriers

You get the best information so that you can decide which carrier and service provide optimum efficiency and value for your particular shipment. You can add, upgrade, or change carriers as your company grows.

Another feature of the Pacejet and SAP Business One integration is a stream-lined simplicity that eliminates room for error, speeds up packing and processing time and automates compliance with trading partners’ regulations.  By leveraging SAP technologies, Domain works with Pacejet to make the “pick, pack, and ship” process easy and secure so that you ship the right product in the right amount to the right address without error. With your SAP ERP, you control:

  • how shipments are processed
  • how freight payment is handled
  • how carrier services are used
  • who pays for shipping

You will be able to add shipping-specific service charges.  You can record shipping containers with container ID, record item contents in each container, and record tracking numbers and links. All this automation and integration can reduce manual labor up to 80%.



Pacejet also reduces manual labor by automating labels.  Its Label Connector shipping label software provides a whole library of industry labels so that you can reflect the brand you want your customer to experience while saving on time and manual labor.

The address validation module provides real-time confirmation that a shipment is arriving at the correct address and informs whether the address is commercial or residential.  This validation module can verify addresses in 47 countries.

In addition to the money and time-saving features, your business can feel secure with Pacejet’s carrier insurance. Their “All-Risk” competitively priced shipping insurance program will pay claims whether the carrier is liable or not and includes natural disasters and concealed losses and damage.   With up to $10,000 coverage per package, your company can have great protection without fear of lost revenue.

Sales grow with speed, accuracy, and service. With this kind of protection and automation that leads to lower carrier rates and reduction of manual labor, your company can better positioned itself for sustained growth.  Take your company’s growth to the next level with the winning integration of Pacejet and SAP Business One.

As an added service, Domain offers its state-of-the-art SenseIT IoT.  By leveraging SAP HANA in the cloud, SenseIT IoT condition monitors your shipment for temperature and humidity excursions and allows you to analyze the performance of your freight carriers. Click here to learn more about SenseIT IoT

For more information, email, or call  610 374 7644 Opt 1.