FFIEC Auditors Pennsylvania

FFIEC auditors in Pennsylvania are tasked with evaluating a financial institution’s internal controls, operations, network assets, cybersecurity measures, and capability to withstand, remediate, and contain cyber threats against their system network. Complying with FFIEC regulatory guidelines is important for two extremely good reasons.

  1. It ensures that your company meets the requirements for conducting all financial affairs responsibly, effectively, and with necessary precautions for safeguarding all sensitive data.
  2. It prevents your institution from being fined by the appropriate financial agency for not meeting specific standards.

FFIEC Auditors Pennsylvania

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) oversees a market that handles highly valuable information on a regular basis. In recent years, their attention became preoccupied with ensuring that all digital transactions, files, channels, and storage had sufficient cybersecurity protection. As the world stage has become almost entirely dependent on technological assets, strong cybersecurity parameters have become a priority. Since this is a chief concern for FFIEC auditors while inspecting your policies, infrastructure, and network systems, ensuring your internal teams have strengthened your defenses sufficiently can’t be overstated.

The question is: where to start? Working with Domain Technology Group affords you the assets, insights, and expertise instrumental for meeting FFIEC compliance. With our extensive cybersecurity assessment history involving both NIST and FFIEC assessment frameworks, our efforts will help your company pass inspection with flying colors.

Preparing for an Audit

Domain Technology Group will be able to help provide an extensive checklist of requirements for FFIEC compliance in anticipation of your audit. When considering the scale of an audit, there are expectations beyond basic cybersecurity features that your internal teams will have to contend with. We’ll provide a few key aspects and tips to keep in mind for proper audit preparedness.

Work with a Single Framework

A rudimentary search will bring up dozens of potential cybersecurity frameworks you could reference for attaining compliance. While any of them will suffice, we highly recommend working with an NIST framework. The National Institute of Standards and Technology is the preeminent determinant of widely accepted cybersecurity regulations and compliance. Their frameworks provide ample guidance for establishing optimal security parameters. In addition, Domain Technology Group has extensive experience working with NIST frameworks, streamlining the adjustment process.

Begin Far in Advance

You cannot build a fully protective policy and best practices infrastructure in a day. The value in a cybersecurity network is that it’s developed organically, implementing specialized practices and integrating new technologies over time. Procrastination is unacceptable, so determining what steps you need to take with enough time to organically develop your cybersecurity parameters is essential.

Expect Disruption

Audits leave an impact. Once it’s underway, your workflow will be altered. Depending on the size of your company, teams, and ongoing projects, the actual level of disruption will vary between financial institutions. Preparing for a loss of productivity while accommodating your auditor provides a buffer for keeping operations running without destabilizing time tables and deadlines.

Be Thorough

Everything needs to be triple-checked, assessed repeatedly, organized, and management systems put into place. While this may seem self-evident, getting your ducks in a row takes more effort, time, and resources than might be allotted at the time you’re reading this.

Domain Technology Group is here to help you go above and beyond in anticipation for your Pennsylvania FFIEC auditor’s arrival. If you’re interested in a partnership, visit our contact page so we can get started.