SAP Solutions for Manufacturers and Distributors

SAP Business One is an exceptional solution for manufacturers and distributors that want to reduce costs, improve flexibility, improve quality, and eliminate operational complexity through an on-premise or cloud solution.

Domain Technology Group, based in the Philadelphia area, delivers exceptional solutions for small and mid-sized businesses looking to leverage enterprise resource planning technology to significantly improve efficiency and productivity and take growth to the next level.

As an experienced SAP partner, Domain Technology Group will take the time to learn about your unique business, organizational, process and technological challenges, and define and implement a system that is based on best practices and tailored specifically to your company’s needs.

SAP Solutions for Manufacturers and Distributors

Manufacturing Solutions

The manufacturing industry is extremely fast paced and competitive, and companies must be ready to react to frequent scheduling changes, material shortages and resource capacity.

SAP Business One for Manufacturing features incomparable scheduling, capacity planning, routes and operational functionality. It provides your manufacturing enterprise with a complete view of information and many automated processes to support materials management, warehousing, production and commerce.

Among other benefits, SAP Business One can help your business achieve higher machine and labor utilization rates, reduced lead times and work in progress, more predictable delivery times and the ability to calculate accurate and reliable order margins.

Distribution Solutions

SAP Business One for the Distribution Industry enables businesses to implement and maintain discipline in their distribution and warehouse management processes.

The solution supports complex landed costs, multiple currencies and multiple languages in order to simplify international trade. Utilizing third party software for warehouse management, SAP Business One is able to value, control and track inventory by warehouse, aisle and bin, and supports the transfer of goods between warehouses, as well as drop shipments.

Purchase orders, goods receipts, sales, pickings, delivery and invoices for each transaction are tightly controlled and maintained as a transaction set. Business One maintains a tight log of each movement and graphically displays the entire flow of the transaction set, including all related general ledger postings.

Shipping Management

For small and mid-sized companies that distribute products nationally and internationally, Domain Technology Group integrates SAP Business One with PaceJet, the most complete cloud-based shipping solution on the market.

Instead of restricting your shipping options to a single carrier, the tool enables you to rate-shop multiple carriers for the best possible rates and create all of the necessary documents to process hundreds to thousands of shipments per day in batches, with scan-and-ship workflows – all on a single, sleek interface.

PaceJet’s functionality is vast and includes the ability to create quotes, sales orders and purchase orders, scan verify products as you pack to minimize data entry errors, and print bills of lading, shipping labels, packing lists, and other required paperwork. Consider SAP Business One with PaceJet to reduce freight costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase efficiency.

SAP solutions can be the most transformative investments manufacturers and distributors can make. Experienced consultants, such as Domain Technology Group, will work within your budget to help you achieve the best results. Call us today at (610) 374-7644 ext. 7005 for a free consultation and demo.